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A Day to Dream

November 3, 2011

     I am a very productive person.  I can organize and schedule with the best of them.  Multi-tasking and accomplishing are in my blood.  But once in a while what I need is a day to dream.

     My mind tends to be task oriented and I’m always thinking ahead to the next task.  I think we Mamas are all guilty of this.  How can we not be when the next task is always staring us in the face?  Piles of laundry, the To DO list a mile long and paperwork that probably killed a small forest, these are always before us.

     Well it may just be time for a change of scenery.  If being in the midst of your mess keeps your mind focused on it, then leave the scene.  Go outside, take a drive to a nearby park, just sit in your car if you have to. 

     Today everywhere I looked there were things to do.  I was accomplishing quite a bit but still I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I took a walk around my back yard.  Wow!  I finally felt like I could think a moment.  So now I am outside sitting amid a sea of yellow leaves pursuing a dream.

     Writing for me is a dream.  Taking time to write each day is a treat and a pleasure.  But I also need time to just sit and daydream.  I need time to pour over my magazines that I love.  “English Homes” and “France” take me to lovely faraway destinations.  “Tea Time” and “Victoria” are like Christmas presents waiting to be opened.  I save them for special times when I can really sit and enjoy their lovely contents.

     One of my daughters loves to crawl in bed at night and take some time to write in her journal.  I have finally realized how important that is so now I send her off to bed and tell her, “You’ve got a few minutes to write in your journal before I come in.”

     Another pleasure I enjoy is just sitting and listening to music while staring at a crackling fire, pure pleasure. 

     What is your pure pleasure, reading on a rainy day, sipping tea while gazing out your favorite window?  Whatever it is, I think it is time to do it.  Dear Mama, you deserve a break today.  You need some time in a faraway land.  You need some time to just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.  You need to indulge your sense of smell with a seasonal candle.  You need to leave the mess and demands behind and just dream.

     There will always be a ‘To Do’ list.  Laundry would multiply even if everyone went naked and piles of paperwork spread like the plague.  These things will always be there so don’t be fooled into their plot to keep you forever working.  These devious tasks call for your attention and fool you into thinking that you’ll have time for dreaming once you are caught up.  It is a lie.  We are never caught up.  So just take the time to dream.  I asked your mom, she gives you permission to play before the work is done.

     So load that hot cocoa up with marshmallows.  Take it and invite Jane Austin to a cozy corner.  Lock your bedroom door and pretend you’re not home.  Fill the tub, light candles and bring along a neck pillow.  It is time for some dream time.  Go ahead, I give you permission.




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  1. November 5, 2011 3:01 pm

    I have to say when I take the time to read what you have written it is one of my times of pleasure. Jody

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