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An Inspiring Mama

November 2, 2011

     I have a bumper sticker on the back of my car, only one. Although I enjoy reading a variety of stickers that I see on other vehicles, I refrain from sticking them on my own.  One reason is that I am the type of person who is all or nothing.  I have to support an idea 100% to jump on board, and it has to ultimately glorify God or I’m out.

     The sticker on the back of my car was made by my next “Busy Mom Hall of Fame” inductee, Margie Lea.  Margie is my massage therapist and that is how I originally met her.  She gives a great massage and she has become a great friend.  The bumper sticker that my car proudly wears says, “Dare to Inspire.”

     Margie is one busy Mama.  Her life is completely full, yet she has a calm spirit, a joyful attitude and a servant’s heart.  Besides working full time as a massage therapist she is also the head coach for the Western girl’s gymnastics team.  She has four grown children and 2 grandchildren.  She leads a bible study for gymnasts, is a leader for “The Great Banquet” and has founded the “Dare to Inspire” movement.  She also is the one in her home who tackles all home and car repairs.  She really is quite amazing.

     The “Dare to Inspire” movement is a ministry of encouragement to stop the madness of bullying.  Born out of her own trials, Margie took what the enemy tried to harm her with, took a stand and now tries to help others avoid the sorrows she and her own family faced.  One of her own daughters was nearly destroyed from the bullying of her so called “friends.”  

     Never one to sit back and let the enemy have any ground, Margie started “Dare to Inspire.”  She has an open door to the public schools where she speaks and encourages youth to replace meanness with inspiration.  She also speaks at many other functions and events.  At all of them she passes out white “Dare to Inspire” wrist bands.  She offers the bands and her time all as a service.  There is no fee.  Her motivation is a calling from God and a desire to make a change.

     Many of us see the ills of the world.  Margie is one who saw it and did something about it.  With a jammed packed schedule it would appear she had no time.  She made the time for what God was calling her to.  Here is what “Dare to Inspire” encourages.  

     “Dare to Inspire.  Where there is meanness, dare to be Nice.  Where there are glares, dare to Smile.  Where there is turmoil, dare to bring Peace.  Where there is exclusion, dare to Include.  Where there is gossip, dare to Reverse it toward compliments.  Where there is criticism, dare to Encourage.  Dare to inspire others.  The life you change just might be your own!”

     I am a life that was inspired by Margie.  She has inspired me to inspire others, and my life has been changed.  She was right!

     Besides making a difference in the lives of many, Margie is a Mama who is there for her kids.  Her youngest, twins, are now out of high school, yet she is always there for them, taking their phone calls, fixing their cars, caring for their health and babysitting those grandbabies.  No matter what, Margie is a Mama first.

     I am blessed and proud to be Margie’s friend.  She is an example of hard work, diligence, godliness and caring.  She is an inspiration and so I am proud to list her among all you other busy Mamas in my “Busy Mama Hall of Fame.”


“Dare to Inspire” is solely supported through donations.  If you would like to donate to help in the purchase of wrist bands, contact Margie at 765-432-2713.  You can also find “Dare to Inspire” on Facebook.  You can also contact Margie for speaking engagements.  For a fantastic massage call the Kokomo YMCA and ask to schedule an appointment with Margie, 457-4447.

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  1. November 5, 2011 2:57 pm

    This not only made Marggie cry but me too. She is such a blessing to me and I never get tired of going to her. She is so much more than just the one who does my massage. Jody

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