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Joy to a Mama’s Soul

October 31, 2011

     Last night as we left some friend’s home, we were greeted by crisp air and a strikingly clear sky filled with bright stars.  The air was cold so I hurried to the car.  My husband was holding the door open for one of my 11 year old daughters but she was not getting in.  The air rushing into the car was chilly so I asked her, “What are you doing?”  She stood there with her gaze turned up looking throughout the night sky.  “Lingering.” She replied.

     Oh joy to a Mama’s soul!  My children are listening and they understand my message. 

     Parents are famous for the phrase, “How many times have I told you…!”  It is true we repeat ourselves quite often.  Child training is called training because just as in sports training, one has to do the same action over and over to attain excellence.  The repertoire of our dialogue is limited but it is repeated often. 

     Oh what joy we experience when our children finally grasp a concept and change an attitude or behavior.  The concept quite often must be continually repeated or habitually demonstrated.   It is true our children learn from what we say but they learn even better from what we do.

     What lifestyle example are we teaching them?  Have we indoctrinated them into the religion of “rush?”  Do they understand the concepts of relaxation, quality time, patience, togetherness and lingering?  Or are those concepts foreign to them?  Our children are not immune to the drug of busy.  They too can become addicted to the thrill and adrenaline producing lifestyle that many busy families live.

     Will the joy of lingering be lost more and more with each new generation?  Will our children lack the ability to relax and enjoy unorchestrated time?  Will they need the ‘fix’ of activity to be happy?  Our children will learn what we live.

     At the beginning of the school year I made the commitment to eliminate all scheduled outside activities for my girls for one year.  I sought a number of outcomes from this decision.  But I was very pleasantly surprised with the gift I received last night as my daughter took the time to ‘linger’ and enjoy the stars on a crisp fall night.  What a rich life she will gain as she continues on this path.  This was an unforeseen blessing.  I should not have been surprised for our children will go in the way we train them.  It is time to ask yourself, “How am I training my children?” 

     Peace for our souls, and the ability to enjoy the life around us is a tremendous gift from God. 
Don’t miss out on what He offers and do not cheat your children from receiving this gift.  Remember we train our children not only in character and Godliness but also in attitude and lifestyle.  Today, teach them to linger.

Proverbs 22:6  “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”


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  1. November 3, 2011 1:31 pm

    It IS so exciting when the children finally catch ‘our drift’, isn’t it?! I loved this blog today; and rejoiced with you and your smart little lady who chose to ‘linger’! Thank you for sharing that huge victory!

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