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In the Moment

October 21, 2011

     It is another cold, rainy fall day, but I am sitting in front of a wonderful fire.  My kids are all still sleeping and the only sounds that surround me are the crackling of the fire and the raindrops on the roof.  They tend to drop from the leaves in thuds with every breeze.  It is calm and soothing.

     For the majority of my life, I did not receive the full benefit of moments like this.  It was simply because I did not live in the moment but I was borrowing from future moments.

     We all have full and busy schedules.  We have places to go and people to see.  We tend to compartmentalize our lives.  We break it down into segments.  We start with big segments and break it down within those segments to even smaller sections.  Let me give you an example.

     As a home schooling mom, my life is based on the school year.  So a clear division of time is September through May, then June through August.  Within the school year, my mind clearly breaks it into 2 semesters.  Within those semesters I compartmentalize the seasons, the months the weeks and the days, and activities within those months, weeks and days.  Then what I am guilty of is always thinking about the next section.  Now this may sound like good planning and thinking ahead, it actually is a dangerous habit that forms and steals away our lives, moment by moment.

     Far too many times, I have missed the joy of an event or a moment because my mind had jumped ahead to the next event or moment.  There have been too many Christmases when I was planning ahead for next year’s Christmas and how I will do it differently. “Oh dear God, deliver us from the fast forward button!”

     I know I am not alone.  How many times have you been mentally writing a shopping list while your child is telling you a story?  During their piano recital, be honest and confess that you were only listening with one ear.  Have you missed the glorious fall colors because you were already stressing about the upcoming holidays?  How many times have you arrived at a destination and didn’t remember the drive there?  What about just a quiet moment of relaxation, did you miss it because you were looking ahead to the next event?

     I think part of the problem is that we are “busy junkies.”  We are so hooked on our over busy lifestyle that when things slow down we can’t handle it and we need a ‘fix.’  That may sound extreme, but I really think we are addicted to our busy lives, and just like a junkie, we are always thinking ahead to our next fix.  Then we get trapped in that pattern and a habit is formed.

      As you wake up tomorrow and place your feet on the floor, think about the moment.  Feel the carpet on your toes and listen to the early morning sounds.  It may be rain drops or birds.  The wind may be blowing or a clock may be ticking.  As you head to the bathroom, listen and notice.  Then as you eat breakfast or feed your kids, avoid taking about their day ahead.  Tell them how much you love them, talk about Jesus.  Throughout the day notice the moment you’re in.  Turn off the radio in the car and look at the view outside your window.  When you sit down for meals enjoy the conversation and the food.  Eat slowly, don’t gulp or be thinking about the bedtime routine that is ahead.  When you tuck in those precious angels take the time to read a story, sing a song and stroke their hair.  Don’t hurry out the door because your mind is already on tomorrow.

     Dear Mama, the truth is that it is difficult to live in the moment when our lives are so packed that all we can do is think, “What’s next?”  We will shortchange ourselves living this way.  We will wake up one day filled with regret over the lost moments.  I don’t want to sound extreme, but I must warn you so that you can avoid future heartache.

     You may have heard of the term, “bucket list.”  This is a list people make of things they want to do before they die.  There may be wonderful things you desire to see or do before the end of your life.  Nothing wrong with that.  Let me just urge you to add one more item to that list, ‘enjoy the moment.’

     The moment that you are in is a precious gift.  Your enjoyment of it and living life in it are necessary for a joyful life.  God is all about peace and joy.  It is the enemy who wants to steal today from you.  Don’t cooperate with him.  Take each moment that God gives you, be thankful for it and live in it NOW.

This entry was inspired by Sue AnnCordell.  Check out her blog at

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  1. October 22, 2011 1:23 pm

    Debbie i did just that, took this moment to read your blog. It is true we don’t enjoy half of what each day has in it. I am learning and I am trying. Thanks for the word we need to hear and do. Jody

  2. Lou Kaufmann permalink
    October 23, 2011 12:40 pm


    Great Blog. Remember, EELM


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