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No, is a Complete Sentence

October 20, 2011

    Sports teams have them.  Bad children have them.  How come we don’t seem to have them?  Can you guess what it is I’m talking about?  A time out.  But I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Time stops for no man.”  I disagree and I have a suggestion and it is just short of taking a sledge hammer to your clock.

     Recently I read a statement that I liked.  “No, is a complete sentence.”  I really liked that.  Our problem is that we don’t like to even say no.  Then if we are able to say no we feel obligated to explain ourselves and sometimes through our explanations talk ourselves right out of that no.

     The world is relentlessly attacking any and all resolve we may have to slow down.  The reason is plain and simple.  A slower life produces true life for you and your family.  A slower life allows time for child training, training in Godliness, correction, discipline, family Bible study, peace for our home, hearts and minds.  A slower life allows time for loving, serving and ministering.  A slower life allows you time to realize why you should say, “NO.”

     Here is my suggestion.  Just say no.  Does that sound familiar?  A few years ago it was a famous campaign against drugs.  Well I’m here to tell you that the over-busy lifestyle is just as bad as drugs so, “Just say NO!”  

     Our children are highly skilled at filling our schedules.  “Can I do this?  Can I go here?  Can I have so and so over?”  I call it the ‘Can Can.’  At first it may not seem like such a big deal.  You run them to a friend’s house.  Then they want to meet some friends at a sporting event, maybe be involved themselves.  And of course they always want someone to spend the night.  Before you spend good money on a home remodel by installing a revolving door, try this.  Just say NO.

     It is time for a time out.  That means no going anywhere and no one coming over.  Here is the kicker, you don’t have to have a reason.  No is a complete sentence.  No TV.  No music.  Let’s sit in peace and quiet.  Why?  Because I said NO. 

     In sports the time out is used to get a game plan.  It is a moment taken to reevaluate and get on the right plan.  A child’s time out is a time to sit and think about what they did wrong.  Mamas we need this.  We must have time to evaluate our game plan.  Are we on course to win the game?   Many times a critically needed time out changed the course of the outcome of the game.

     Our children cannot be always trained on the go.  Correction with Godly instruction is difficult to do when friends are over or you are running out the door to the next event. Take a time out.

     You are forgetting more and more things.  Take a time out.  Your family seems distant and stressed.  Take a time out.  You are yelling and the kids are fighting.  Take a time out.  Your spiritual life is waning.  Take a time out.

     A time out is a good thing to actually put on the calendar.  Make one night a week a, “No Go” night.  No outings and no friends.  Do not be afraid to say no.  It is vital that you do.  Well I just heard the buzzer.  I’m calling a time out for you and me because we are going to win this game!

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  1. Noah J. Cicalo permalink
    October 20, 2011 9:57 am

    But, Debbie, I don’t wanna say “no”! lol I agree with that though. We don’t have the time to say “no” because we’re always saying “yes” to too many things. I’ll try saying “no” a little more often. It sounds like a great idea.

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