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Where are you Auntie Em?

October 18, 2011

     “Auntie Em, Auntie Em, where are you?” cried Dorothy from the midst of the cyclone.  “Auntie Em, Auntie Em, I’m in here too…HELP!”

     Do you ever feel that if you per chance peeked out your large open window your view would be the same as Dorothy’s, nothing but swirling wind and debris?  I think I actually saw those two guys in the row boat in my living room just yesterday.  They were under a pile of laundry.

     I am currently in the midst of my own personal self induced cyclone.  I saw it coming, dancing back and forth across the fields, teasing me.  I tried to dodge it, jump in my storm shelter but the storm was in motion, I could not stop it.

     You would think that because I write a blog every day encouraging fellow Mamas to slow down that I might just follow my own advice.  Well most days I do.  But lately I was allowing far too much to creep back into my new found lifestyle.  I fell off the wagon.

     Well today I am going to encourage you from the midst of the cyclone.  I am sharing with you because I understand. I live in the same place as each of you.  I see the consequences of my actions and my mistakes.  Hopefully I can be like Doppler radar and warn you before your own cyclone hits.

     I’ll be honest, my house never quite recovered from our history re-enactment.  It has only gotten worse.  We have focused on fellowship and good times but to the detriment of our home’s cleanliness.  I’m not just talking about some dust.  I’m talking about total messes everywhere.  I have allowed my children’s activities to once again allow a shortage of time to rob me of important training times.  What I have trained my children to do is everything but contribute to the family by maintaining our home.

     I will admit it is not all their fault.  I am the guilty one who overscheduled so as to allow this situation to occur.  Dear Mamas, I have said it before we hold the keys; we are the schedule keepers we quite often create our own cyclones.

     So when it occurs, what do we do?  Bad cop comes to mind.  Sometimes it takes a total elimination of all extras until some things have been accomplished.  A night of some team work just might be in order.  But rein it in we must.  I know there is a level of mess that comes along with everyday living but we need to draw the line when it affects the peace of our home.  When stuff is creating stress it is time to slow down and address the issue.

     Mama, make sure you know this calls for a team effort.  Do not allow your kids to continue their own too busy schedule while YOU alone deal with the problem.  Once again this type of action puts our kids on the throne of their own little universe.  Not a good idea.

     One area I don’t do well in but that is so important is a set weekly household schedule where everyone plays a part so you avoid the train wreck that comes from the lack of consistent cleaning.  When creating your activity schedule make sure you also schedule chores, they are equally if not more important than all the other activities.

     Our homes are our sanctuaries, our place of refuge from the world.  It is the place where we and our children can feel safe and secure.  Our homes are the first place where our children learn responsibility and follow through.  It is the place where they develop a sense of home and family.

     I am sounding the tornado siren.  I am warning you to avoid the storm.  Assign some chores.  Create a weekly list.  Withhold some activities, TV, computer time, game systems or friend time until your home is a little more ship shape.  Let your children help you create a haven of peace for your family to live in.


Thank you all for visitng my blog each day and thank you for all of your comments.  They encourage me!  We have a winner for the book “Simplify” by Sue Ann Cordell.  She is homeschooling mother of 4 lovely daughters, Lillian Gurney.  Are you ready for another contest?  Well keep reading.  I’m near another milestone, 3000 views since I began May 28th.  I wish I could offer a maid for the week, but alas you will need to get your kids to clean the house this time.  Watch for my next contest and have a glorious day!

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  1. Diana permalink
    October 18, 2011 9:19 am

    I can relate to the tornado action…not so much now that the girls are all grown and gone, but remember from those days so long ago of home schooling all four of them!!
    A book that comes to mind that helped me is More Hours In My Day by Emilie Barnes. She has a good prospective on organizing those daily To Do Lists that keeps you in control, but still taking time to enjoy life.
    Have a blessed day….

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