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“Beam Me Up Scottie”

October 17, 2011

18th century fiddle music thrills my soul and really makes me happy.  Add a Celtic drum, Irish whistle, and guitar and I am one happy camper.

     There are so many elements to life that can bring us joy; but there are so many elements to life that we plain and simple do not have time for.  Enjoying our favorite music is one of those enjoyments.

     Music is all about emotion.  Every type of music has the ability to transport us in mind, emotion and memory.  All music is capable of bringing you every emotion humans are capable of.  We also can be transported in time with only a few notes of an old favorite.  Music transports faster than Scottie from Star Trek.

     There are specific Mozart songs that immediately whisk me to the mountains of New Mexico.  My husband and I went on a pre-children camping trip.  One afternoon I laid in a rope hammock tied between two trees and listened to that beautiful classical music.  It was the epitome of relaxation.  I have a CD of Celtic music that I bought at the Biltmore in North Carolina.  It is wonderful dramatic music and I listened to it as I drove home through the North Carolina Mountains.  It was sweeping music that matched the sweeping landscape.  Whenever I want to return to those beautiful mountains I just pop in this CD, and the “1812 Overture” plops me in the back seat of my childhood family car as we drive through incredible rock formations in Utah.

     One of my hobbies is 18th century dance.  I enjoy it so much for many reasons.  I love the music, the fellowship it provides and the wholesome family gathering it provides.  I admit I just love a good time but throw in some music and a time change shift and I am on board.  Fill a room, barn or yard with a group of people, strike up the fiddle and I am transported.

     Last December I hosted a Fezziwig Christmas Ball at a beautiful historical mansion in my town.    The local historical society who owns the home invited us to be a part of their Christmas candlelight tour.  A group of us danced in 18th century ball attire in the third floor ball room as guests filtered through to watch us.  This ball was a long time dream for me so I made sure to soak in every moment.  I filmed one dance, The Jefferson and Liberty.  Now whenever I hear even a few notes of that song I am transported back to swirling ball gowns and debonair gentlemen.

     Life can be so rich when we take the time to enjoy moments.  It is important to make sure those moments include times of relaxation enhanced by lovely music.  Joyful times of fellowship can be improved with happy or relaxing background music.  And we cannot forget the improvement of holidays by adding joyful tunes of the season.

     Who does not remember a special 4th of July when they heard John Philip Sousa’s, “Stars and Stripes Forever?”  My family knows that Christmas music in our home starts in October.  How can such joyous music be relegated only to December?

     It is time to make some of your own musical memories.  Plan a themed dinner for your family or friends and add matching music.  Enjoy lingering fellowship as the music takes you to faraway places.  Take some time to sit or lie outside and enjoy the falling leaves.  Add some classical or Appalachian mountain music.  Let the dulcimers transport you to the mountains.  As you do some fall cleaning pop in some peppy work music.  Take the time to enhance the moments of your life and also take the time to pull out some favorite oldies and just sit, listen and reminisce.  You can easily enhance your life with just one small silver disc, so pop it in and enjoy!

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  1. Diana permalink
    October 17, 2011 1:25 pm

    Thanks for the reminder, Debbie….I’ll do just that…I’m off to find that silver disk that will enhance my afternoon with much joy.

  2. Becky permalink
    October 17, 2011 11:25 pm

    Thank you so much for this message. Working in the long-term care industry we are looking only at quality of life. Sometimes when its hard to think of something new and fresh to discuss with our elders, music is a GREAT segway! It’s universal for most people and cultures! Have a music day!

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