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Watch Out Shep!

October 13, 2011

George of the Jungle:  “Why everyone run around crazy like antelope in mating season?

Ursula:    “They’re just trying to make a living.  It’s a different kind of jungle here George.  It’s the ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘dog eat dog.’

George of the Jungle:  Dog eat dog?  Dog eat dog!!  George not bring Shep here!!!

     Have you ever met missionaries or people from other countries and tried to explain the American culture of busyness?  How would you explain your life and daily activities to a man raised in the jungle, like George of the Jungle?  How would you explain or validate your daily schedule to a Rwandan who struggles each day just to feed the family? (We sponsor a child through Compassion International.  Check out their website.)

     We live our lives every day quite often overwhelmed, rushing, taxed physically and mentally and yet it seems so natural to be in this state.  It is not until we try to explain our lives to someone else do we recognize the craziness of it all.

     The two phrases, dog eat dog and survival of the fittest are not phrases that line up with the characteristics of Christianity.  The Christian life is a life called to servanthood and its characteristics.  The level that a Christian can lay their life down for another is deep indeed.  The area I want to touch on today is meeting the needs of those around us, those whose lives touch ours most every day.

     How many times in your life could you have used a little help with the pressures of your home, a little helpful labor, a meal or just a shoulder to cry on?  How often have those needs been met?  I have had seasons of great help but I have also suffered seasons of great need with no help in sight.  Unfortunately during those times of aloneness it is difficult to avoid feelings of rejection and bitterness.

     Since God has called me to this new way of life, this unscheduled way of life I have become keenly aware of one of the main roots of the problem.  It is not always a lack of awareness that causes people to overlook the needs around them but instead it is the fact that they themselves can barely keep their own heads above the water.

     We are all drowning and looking for someone, just someone, to throw out a life raft.  The problem is that everyone is in the water.  There is no one to throw the life preservers.  I also want to point out at this time that what we all need is just that, a life preserver.  What we are living most days is not life.  Hectic craziness is not life.  Who will help us preserve our lives?

     The first place we must always look to is Jesus.  He is our sole source.  It is through him that our needs will be met.  My question to you is this.  Is He trying to use you to meet those needs for others?  Are you listening to his call?  Someone has got to get out of the water to help the others.  Who will answer the call?

     Sometimes we must sacrifice something we do so that we will have available time to help others.  Our time cannot be so wrapped up in the extracurricular activities of our children that there is nothing left for the world around us. 

     When our focus is merely on meeting the needs and desires of our children involving their outside activities we miss our opportunity to serve and we shortchange our children by allowing them to believe they are the center of the universe.  This is a dangerous belief and a non-Christian thought process.  Our children would grow and develop far better if they also learned to serve others.

     If we just open our eyes, there are hurting and needy people all around us.  Our friends, people from our churches, jobs and associations.  But first you must get out of the water.

     “But my own house looks like a bomb went off.”  “I need help myself!”  It is hard to feel like serving when this is how we feel.  The answers to these dilemmas are not easy answers.  The one answer that I believe works is to eliminate something.  Then don’t wait until your own needs are met before you help others.  Help others in the midst of your own need.  Let God meet your need.

     Dear Mamas, more than just one of us needs to get out of the water.  One person cannot see and meet all the needs.  God has called you to be a mama, but while you fulfill that calling there are friends and associates near to us that we can bless.

     Make time then take time for others.  Throw a life preserver to your fellow drowning Mama.  Ask the Lord to show you how you can bless someone else.  Do not focus on your own glaring need.  Maybe bless someone else in the area YOU have the greatest need.  I know it will involve the domino effect and the principle of multiplication for others and you.

     So tonight while you make dinner, double it.  Bring a meal to a friend.  Call a friend and ask what the best time is for you to stop by for an hour or two to help out with some cleaning.  And we all know laundry multiplies on its own.  Grab a couple loads and take them home with you.  Return them clean and folded.  Bring some magazines or a bouquet of flowers to a struggling friend or at least send a card of encouragement.  What do you wish someone would do for you?  Then do it!

    Let’s create a community of believers where Shep would be safe.

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  1. Noah J. Cicalo permalink
    October 13, 2011 8:49 am

    Imagine what life would be like if we did do little stuff like that for somebody who was goin through a hard time. Things wouldn’t seem nearly as hard as they really are, I think. This is definitely something I need to practice a little bit more 🙂

  2. Bobbi permalink
    October 13, 2011 11:37 am

    🙂 I love Shep. . . LOL And I love you, too, dear friend! Wonderful, encouraging post!

  3. Lucinda permalink
    October 13, 2011 12:00 pm

    The Lord’s timing is amazing! I’ve been praying about reaching out to a friend! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Emily Spence permalink
    October 13, 2011 9:29 pm

    When I asked what the name of the blog was and you said, look out Shep, I just had to hear it because as you know I love George of the Jungle. I love your post. I can see why there is always someone reading your blog. p.s its Emily 😀

  5. October 17, 2011 8:34 pm

    Great letter sure will be good to find out how many will get out and do it. Your word is right on it. Jody

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