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Prepare for Detours

September 30, 2011

      Speed bumps stink.  Road blocks and detours even more so.  I do not have the time to take a whole other route.  My time was calculated down to the exact minute and now I am being diverted out of my way.  Have they ever heard of the basic geometry fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line?

     I have a news flash for us, I don’t think God got that memo either.  We can try all we want to go from point A; birth, to point B; death, in a straight line.  But God has other plans and unfortunately so does the devil.

     My older sister is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer.  I don’t think that was in her plans.  Actually she had purchased property in Cabo San Lucas to build a home prior to her diagnosis.  Now her plans are on hold while she battles this cancer.  Today I was told that I need yet another surgery.  The third in a year.  This was not in my plans.  Fortunately I am able to postpone my surgery until after the holidays but I had other plans for this year.  Speed bump.

     Attitude makes all the difference when we approach a detour, on the road or in life.  Most of us get quite irritated when we face either kind.  Our schedules and lives are so packed that a detour really throws things off.  We flat out don’t have time for a detour.

     Detours in life come in many forms.  When was the last time you faced one of these and how did you respond?  Illness in you or in someone in your family.  A friend in need; this can come in many forms.  They may need physical help, a meal, help with their home or children or they may just need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.  A ministry need; there may be a family in need, a catastrophe that calls for aid or just a lonely person who needs love and attention.

     For most of us our response comes in bursts of helpfulness.  Sometimes we can handle a meal and even an hour of our time.  But how many of us can really take the detours that call for a long term commitment or possibly even a lifetime commitment?

     Flexibility is something that our busy lifestyles do not permit.  Right now your life and schedule may be going along just swimmingly but please notice the warning signs that a detour is ahead.  I am not predicting doom and gloom.  Someone, somewhere is going to need you.  They may already need you but you have just been too busy to notice.

     This blog today is one of those bright colored signs in the road forewarning you of an approaching detour.  Pay attention.  Adjust your speed.  Adjust your attitude.

     Imagine a life free and available for God’s leading.  Imagine no restrictions in our ability  to, at a moment’s notice, go here or go there to meet another’s need.  Imagine a household not thrown when adversity strikes. 

     We drive to church in Lafayette IN, one hour from our home.  Our regular route currently has a detour.  Every week we would forget about the detour and the extra time needed to go around it and we were late.  Finally, we are now allowing extra time for the detour.  Our lives need to be the same way.  Our schedules need to not be so tight that we lack flexibility.  We need to actually leave open unscheduled time so that God can actually send us on a detour of His choice.   

     We live in a world full of hurting and lonely people.  The needs around us are great.  You may already be filling many needs.  I just want us all to realize that one of the issues with our “Over-busy Mama syndrome,” is the lack of flexibility when a detour presents itself and the frustration and anger that it can create.

     It is time to lighten up.  We need to do that with our schedules and our attitudes.  So today as you head down the highway of life, take notice of the warning signs and leave time for detours.

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  1. annaspence permalink
    September 30, 2011 2:44 pm

    makes me happy

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