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Our Favorite Things

September 29, 2011

“Rain drops and roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, bright paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things.”  Maria had the right idea.  To cheer herself she would simply remember her favorite things.

     Tonight my girls asked me to sing that song for bedtime.  I love to sing it and the words just seem to merrily trip off your tongue, but as I sang I thought about my favorite things.  I started singing non rhyming phrases as I listed some of my own favorite things.

     Bright red fall leaves, snow falling on Christmas Eve, lightning bugs twinkling on a summer evening, children’s laughter in the dark on a summer night or any night at all; these are a few of my favorite things.  Sipping tea with my girls as we read aloud and snuggle by the fire, listening to my children sing as we sit around a campfire and laughter around my dinner table are all my favorites also.

     Take a moment right now and give yourself some time to ponder.  What are your favorite things?  Once you start it is so easy to go on and on.  It is amazing how many favorite things we actually have.  I would wager that the majority of your favorite things involve time and activities with your family.

     You would think that we would spend every moment we can doing our favorite things.  They are our favorite things after all.  But I think many more of us tend to fall in Maria’s category and we only get to think of our favorite things 

     It is actually quite silly that the majority of our time is spent doing things we enjoy the least and our favorite things are delegated to thoughts and songs.  I think it is time for a change.

     I have an assignment for you.  Many times you may read this blog and agree with what I have said, you may relate to it and even become convicted.  But how many of us take the time to stop and do some action to try and make a change in our lives?  I know that I need to improve in this area.  So today I am going to start by making a list.  Join me on this.  Let’s make a list of our favorite things.  Just go crazy and list them all.  Think of things you enjoy with your family, seasonal things that bring you joy, tastes and sensations that thrill you or just make you melt.  Now if you can, try and pick your top ten and then your top three.

     How much of your day or week are you spending doing these top ten or your top three?  My guess is that you will notice it may be very little or none at all.  If you realize that you do not have time for your favorite things, make a decision to change something.  What in your schedule can go?  There has to be something that you can eliminate or reduce the time you give to it.  For the first week start with the simple goal of adding your number one favorite thing to your week.  The next week add number two.

     It is time that we take the time to remember our favorite things or perhaps you may need to take the time to even determine what they may be.  Let’s stop just thinking about those things and let’s start doing them and then we’ll be singing a new song.

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