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Girl Time

September 26, 2011

     To this day it amazes me how easily children make new friends.  Just take a youngster to the play ground and they will tell you, “I have a new friend.”  They will not know the new friend’s name, but that doesn’t matter, that’s just details.

     My girls are ten.  They don’t make friends as easily as they did when they were younger but they still will walk with a friend and hold hands.  I adore seeing this as I know that it will not last forever.  I do notice that we ladies somewhat return to that when we are older.  Sometimes you will see elderly ladies with arms linked as they stroll along, and I don’t think it is just for balance.

     The teen years are the years when we seem to choose one or two special friends.  The insecurity, and many other issues that teens deal with, are easier to handle with one close friend on our sides.  Hours are spent on the phone, or now a days, texting.  Everything must be shared with our bosom buddy.

     Then comes motherhood.  We spend our days just trying to keep our heads above water.  If we work the entire day we might just catch up on last month’s “To Do” list.  Who has time for friends?

     Ahhh, to return to the old playground days of finding a new best friend with one visit.  But alas it is not that easy.  Relationships take time and a little effort.  You may feel that you lack the time and you are too pooped for effort but don’t put away your friendship bracelet yet.

     Relationships take time and they take effort but they are worth the time and worth the effort.  The reality is, God made girls of all ages to need friends.  It is our make up, it how we are wired.  A good book and chick flick must be shared.  Shopping can be an individual event but is much more fun as a team sport.  And there is just something in our genetic make up that causes the desire to sit for a chat right around four o’clock.

     Although we desire a kindred spirit, a bosom buddy, the majority of our relationships are determined by our activities.  We may find that special friend on the soccer bench or at the dance studio but it probably will take a little more effort on your part.

     Relationships follow the Godly principle of sowing and reaping.  A seed must be sown to reap any type of harvest.  One seed equals one plant.  Many seeds equal a crop, a harvest.  The seeds that you can begin planting today are phone calls, cards or letters.  A quick note of encouragement to a friend or acquaintance will not only bless that person but plant a seed toward a deeper future relationship.

     Take the time for a girl’s movie night.  Have a pitch-in dinner and chat time.  If you have a lot of small children, hire one babysitter to watch them all in another room or at one of the other homes where you are not meeting.  Set one night a month aside to meet with one or more special friends and choose a different topic to discuss or activity to do each month.  Have a cooking party where you do some large quantity cooking then divide the results for future meals for your families.  Christmas baking could be fun while  listening to Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa.  The ideas are endless.

     The important thing to remember is that in the midst of all the demands that scream at you daily, don’t forget about friendships.  The first relationship that you must make time for is your relationship with Jesus.  If you lack time for Him don’t fit others ahead of that vital relationship.  It is actually Jesus whom you can petition to bring you the relationships that you desire into your life.  He will bring a relationship that will benefit and enhance both of you.

     Well, here in Indiana it has been raining for two days.  It is a great time to clean out those closets and do the seasonal clothes switch.  This year do it with a friend.  Spend a day at your home and next week help her at her home.  You may just feel like a teenager again, trying on clothes with your girlfriend in your bedroom.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Bobbi permalink
    September 26, 2011 9:56 am

    So when are you comin’ over, dear friend? I have a LOT of closets to switch out! LOL And I’ve been sooooo dreading it.

  2. Diana permalink
    September 26, 2011 1:30 pm

    I’ve actually traded labor with friends over the years and it is true….doing it together is nice. I even traded children for the day with a friend….we found the child swapping got more chores done as the children always thought it more fun to clean another house than their own!!

  3. Carol Kortebein permalink
    September 27, 2011 10:30 pm

    I was thinking of the time we went shopping together here in Lafayette for your tea room – what fun that was~ I still am game for spending some time at a tea room somewhere~can we try again for next summer?? 🙂

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