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Where’s the Finish Line?

September 23, 2011

     Most people are familiar with the age old story of the tortoise and the hare.  The cocky hare entered into a race with the determined tortoise.  It was a done deal in the hare’s mind.  Anyone aware of the race was also sure the hare would win the race.  The hare, full of pride, plays around and even takes a nap.  The tortoise never takes his eyes off the goal and plods along ever so slowly.  The tortoise wins.

     In today’s hectic and results orientated society, we Mamas are running around like a bunch of hares.  Many of us feel like we are in a race; but racing to where, we are not sure.

     I have mentioned before that I was a college swimmer.  I worked out four to five hours a day.  That is a lot of time in the water.  Maybe that is why some days my brain feels a little soggy.  But day after day and week after week, I swam with a purpose.  I had specific goals.

     During our workouts we did not all do the exact same workout.  I was a sprinter.  I specialized in freestyle and butterfly.  There were others who were distance swimmers, backstrokers, breaststrokers and a variety of others.  Even within my workouts, I would concentrate on freestyle some days and butterfly other days.  My workouts were geared toward developing strength and speed.  The distance swimmers swam many more yards than I did.

     An interesting fact that I learned at that time is that people are predisposed to either being a sprinter or distance person.  Sprinters have more of one type of muscle fiber while distance athletes have another.

     Today I am not just giving you a swimming lesson.  Families also are not one size fits all.

     It is time to get a little direction in our daily lives.  The tortoise showed us that running at the fastest speed does not win the race.  Staying focused and plodding along does.  Sports training shows us that training should be specific for the individual and their gifts and callings.

     How silly would it be to enter a race if you did not know where the finish line was?  Quite silly.  Yet most days we live our lives like that.  Some Mamas are very disciplined and have a set schedule that they maintain no matter what, yet feel controlled by their agenda.  Other Mamas are controlled by the activities of the day and feel like they are running in circles while accomplishing nothing.  Both types are missing one thing.

     What is your finish line?  We ultimately all have the same finish line which is to glorify God and be conformed to his image; but there are other finish lines on the way to the ultimate finish line.  Why are we doing the things we are doing?  Do you home school to complete a curriculum and finish the books?  Do we clean our homes because Mom kept hers immaculate?  Do we enter the activities that we are in because they seem fun, it’s a great skill or all our friends are in it?  It is time to get the pony in front of the cart.

     What are the goals and purposes that you have set or determined for your family?  Does the way you teach school, run your home, feed your family, spend your time; match up with your goals and purposes?

     I am still in the midst of the race myself; but having one son married gives me a better view of how I want to complete this race.  For all of us one day our children will be grown and gone from our homes.  It will happen in the blink of an eye.  There will no longer be snuggle times with little ones, no more bedtime stories and bedside prayers.  Dandelion bouquets will no longer grace your table tops and crayon artwork will disappear from your fridge.  I do not seek to grieve you but to open your eyes to the things that are of true value.

     Just as in sports, our goals and time spent must match up with our desired outcome.  What is that for you?  Do you desire that your children truly know Jesus, have a relationship with him and know his word?  Do your actions and daily activities support this desire?  Do you desire quality time with your children, spending time doing nothing more than snuggling, coloring together or reading a book aloud?  Does your time allow for this?  Do you desire a peaceful home where rushing and sibling strife do not exist?  Does your daily schedule support this?

     It is time to do some evaluating.  Do our daily activities support the desires we have for our families?  You may be right on track or you may need some tweaking.  Actually we should always be tweaking as God reveals a little more of the bigger picture.  So take some time today and ask the Lord to show you what His goals are for your family.  Determine where the finish line is.  Then make sure your daily life is leading toward the finish line you desire.  Stick with it.  Keep on plodding, but know where the finish line is.

1 Corinthians 9:24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize.


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  1. Lou Kaufmann permalink
    September 23, 2011 9:14 am


    I really enjoyed this blog, as I enjoy all of them. This one had a special message and so I printed it and will share it with my sales associates. As you say, keep the goal in sight and of course EELM.


    • September 23, 2011 9:27 am

      You were my teacher. And for those who would like to know; EELM stands for “Enjoy Every Luscious Moment”

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