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Our Time Machine

September 15, 2011

     Tomorrow I will jump into my time machine, which just happens to look like an Olds Bravada, and set my destination for the 18th century.  In a mere 15 minutes the cares and trappings of the 21st century will just melt away and I will emerge into a life and time free from the cares of a high speed paced and stressful time period.

          The concept of time travel has fascinated mankind for years.  “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells was written in 1895 and countless other stories about time travel have been written or made into movies since then.  What is it that fascinates us about the ability to leave our present time?  Is it exploration, escape or the desire to change our pasts or alter our futures?

            The movie, “Time Changer,” starring Gavin MacLeod  is the story of a  Bible professor in 1890 who travels into the future to see what the world and Christianity has become.   It is nothing less than shocking, and it is difficult to view our current society from the eyes of the past.  Because of what he sees, he returns to his own time and alters his direction and takes a stronger stance in his Christian convictions.  I highly recommend this movie.

     We are not given the benefit of viewing our future so that we can alter our present.  What we do have though is God’s word which clearly guides us and the wisdom of those who have gone before us.  Who do you admire?  How did they live their lives and what was the result?

     I think one of the reasons that I enjoy reenacting is because the 18th century seems so much simpler, no schedules, no cars, no technology.  I know there is a trade off.  In reality, our ancestors struggled for their daily needs and lived lives of hard work and labor.  But even with the hardships they faced I feel that they had some things we don’t have today.

     I think many of us seek a simpler, calmer life.  Why else would we be so familiar with phrases like, “Calgon take me away,” and “get away from it all.”?  If we truly desire peace, we must make the choices today that will produce peace in the future.  Progress has brought us many wonderful things but we need to be aware of what it can take away if we are not careful.

     Our futures are not written.  God knows what they are but each and every day we are given the opportunity to make countless choices to affect our futures.  Daily we choose what we will eat, who we will associate with, how we will think, how we will spend our time, who we will love and who we will serve.  The choices we make daily are countless.  We need to be aware and we need to realize that we do have the ability to travel ahead to the future.  We are determining the future each day with each choice we make.

     I want to make choices for righteousness, peace, love, family closeness, self improvement, fellowship and joy.  The choices I make toward these desires will affect my future, the future of my family and possibly many others. 

     In “Back to the Future” Doc warns multiple times to not change any facts of the past because it will affect the future.  Marty helps his father make different choices in the past and it positively changes his future.  You too can make different and better choices today that will give you a better future.

     The truth is that there is no time travel.  This moment, this time is what we all have.  We cannot change the past or escape our present, but we can alter the future.

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