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Feminine Fellowship

September 14, 2011

          As I look back over my life, I can remember the names and faces of all my best girl friends, starting in first grade, all through school, college and my adult life.  I know your mind is searching now through your own past, remembering each special friend that graced your life.  There are friends and moments that stand out in my memory, ones that I’ll always cherish, ones that made childhood complete.

     Girls, including the grown version need feminine fellowship.  We need someone to laugh with, someone to share with and someone to cry with.  There are things that just must be said to a bosom buddy, as Anne Shirley would say, “a kindred spirit.”

     Kindred spirits, I’ve found, do not grow on trees.  For me they seemed much easier to find in my youth.  With adulthood comes a schedule and commitments that leave little time for developing bosom buddies.

     Dear Mama, we need a girlfriend.  We need some sitting and sharing time, some good old fashioned giggling and maybe even a pajama party.  Last winter I hosted a homeschool mom’s night out.  All the ladies present, about 12, said they desired the fellowship of other ladies to share skills and knowledge but they also said they just wanted a pajama party.

     We need the opportunity for some different kinds of fun.  Most lady’s nights out consist of dinner out and maybe a movie.  The ladies that get that much are living the high life.  Most of us never get out of the house or car.  We not only need to get out, we need to be a little more creative.

     I know a group of ladies that have a shared love of quilting.  Three times a month they meet together share a pitch in meal then sit and quilt.  Many of them drag along their sewing machine.  They even take a yearly quilting retreat together.

  What interests do you share with ladies that you know?  Do you enjoy scrapbooking, writing, sewing, art?  It does not matter what activity that you do.  What matters is that you spend time with other ladies.

     This weekend at Koh Koh Mah, a historical reenactment,  I am hosting a tea party.  Everyone will bring their own tea cup, the water will be boiled over an open fire and we will all sit around and enjoy each other in our 18th century fashions.  I did this last year and it was my favorite part of the reenactment.

     Think of a gathering that you can host.  It does not have to be a big “to do.”  Invite 2 to 3 friends for tea.  Choose a book that you would enjoy reading and discussing together.  Choose a board game you enjoy and eat snacks and play.  Sit and knit together as you chat the time away.  Host a theme night such as a night in France.  Make a French meal, listen to French music and, watch a movie about France.  Have a murder mystery party.  There are murder mystery tea parties you can purchase, or make up your own. You could do something as simple as helping each other clean your homes together then sit and have some tea.  The list of ideas really is endless.

     Now I know what you are thinking.  Just stop it!  You CAN make time.  You ARE creative.  Someone else CAN watch your kids.  Feminine fellowship is worth the effort, so give it a try.  You and your friends can work together to plan something.  You do not have to do it all alone.

     We need to make time to be with ladies that we can share our hearts with.  We need to lift and encourage our fellow Mamas on this vital journey and we need them to help guide us also.

     So this next month, make the effort.  Even if it is as simple as fast food with a buddy, at least you are heading in the right direction. 


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