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Stick With the Season

September 6, 2011

     When was the last time you donned your swim suit for a day in the snow?  Have you ever tried to sled down a beautiful green grassy slope?  Most likely not.  We like to keep the proper activities with the proper seasons, that is of course as long as it does not pertain to our everyday living.

     Just as there are distinct seasons throughout the year, there are also distinct seasons in our lives.  There are seasons meant just for certain activities.  It is important that we pay attention to the season that we are in, and just as we wouldn’t wear our swim suit in the snow, there are activities we should not do in our current season.

     When the seasons change we love to embrace the delights of that season.  Autumn is just around the corner.  Here in Indiana we a having a slight preview of things to come.  A cool snap has brought a slight chill in the air and a foreshadowing of things to come.  Our family loves to have campfires all autumn long.  Chili and hot cocoa are always on the menu.  The fall colors are a dazzling treat but fill our family with foreboding as we rake our 2 acres for weeks, nonstop.

     We need to recognize the changes in the seasons of our lives.  We need to pay attention to what that season requires.  There are delights to be enjoyed but there are also struggles that we need to overcome.  Every season holds joys and challenges both.  We need to take the time to embrace the joys but also take the time to overcome the challenges.

     Just because your calendar looked one way last season does not mean that is how it should look this season.  The weather has changed.  It is snowing, it is time to get out of that swim suit.

     Your children’s ages and stages of development may require a little more down time than you had last year.  Your sweet little girl may be growing into a young lady who might just need a little less stress and a lot more understanding. A new baby may need regular naps in an actual bed as opposed to a car seat.  The family may just need to adjust to the newest little member.  Financial constraints may need to be adhered to.  Children need to learn to temper their desires to fit within the family budget.  And as I mentioned before, a shift in attitudes or behaviors may call for a season closer to home.

     Beware of being caught in a trap that keeps you involved in an activity that should be eliminated.  So often we do things just because we did them before.  We need to let our children know that we sign on for activities, “one year at a time.”  Make sure they know that you are only making this commitment for one year.  Then you need to tell yourself the same thing. Do not let others, “guilt” you into continuing something you know needs to go.

      Each new year, or school year should be approached with prayer.  Let God show you what His plan is for you and your family this year.  Don’t assume it is the same as last year.

     Ultimately God wants the hearts of your family.  I’m sure he delights in all the fun and accomplishments that your family enjoys but He wants your hearts more.  He wants the hearts of our children to belong to us and He desires that we have time to train them in Godliness.  He wants our families to eat correctly and together.  He desires that our lives are not filled with stress and rushing, but that we walk in peace and love.    

     There is one important fact I want to remind you of pertaining to seasons.  Summer does not last all year; neither does any of the other seasons.  In a normal setting most seasons last approximately 3 months.  In some places it may be more like six summer and six not summer.  But God created four seasons and he created them to change.  He said as long as there is day and night, there will be seasons.  The season you are in will change.  It should not last forever.

     The wind has shifted.  The season is changing.  Are you paying attention to the needs of your family or are you pressing on into the winter in your swim suit?


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