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Current Fighters (Invest Part 2)

August 31, 2011

     How was your walk?  Did you invest in yourself and take one?  Don’t worry if you did not fit it in, after all you are struggling against the current.  Last week at the beach I was amazed at how hard it was to walk against the current.  As I attempted to emerge from the lake against the receding waves, I really had to fight.  On one particularly rough day, I could not even keep my balance and fell over a few times before my son took my hand and finally helped me out of the water.  That was pretty darn funny, but the fight we fight every day against the current that sweeps away our time is not as funny.

     Just as I could not give up and stay in the water, you too need to continue to fight and carve time out of the busy day for investing in yourself.  Try it again today.  Take that walk.  Take the time to eat a healthy meal or at least a healthy snack.  Then remember to also invest in your relationships.  Call a friend, send a note or card.  Let someone know that they are special to you and that you are thankful for their friendship.  It is an investment.

     We also need to invest in the spiritual development of our children.  If you know the Lord and are familiar with Bible stories and His word, do not assume your children know it by osmosis.  The church also is not responsible for the spiritual training of our children, we are.

     The training and correction of our children takes time.  When incorrect behavior occurs, correction and spiritual application takes time.  But it is time well spent. It is an investment in citizens of godliness and character.  Do not confuse yelling at your kids from the front seat of the car with biblical instruction.  As I mentioned in “Mama Warriors,” (Aug 27); the activity you are heading to, does not compare in importance to timely training and correction.  (Deal with the PJs instead of going to the restaurant.)   

     When I correct and discipline my children, I try to discuss how God views what they did.  I hopefully lead them to repentance and we pray.  This is not a quick process.  But it is a vitally important investment.

     Dear Mama, you also need to always remember that you are a dear wife first.  Our kids need us.  Their activities are numerous and time consuming.  Dad can easily get lost in the mix.  Your husband should be your first concern.  The bible is clear on the order people should take in our lives and children are behind your husband.

     In today’s society husbands have lost all value.  They no longer seem to be the head of the home and are not treated with honor and respect.  Actually everyone in the family deserves to be treated with selfless love but there does not seem to be time for that.  A society that strives to equalize all people has made it unacceptable or a joke to treat the husband with care and respect.  It is considered outdated and old fashioned to care for a father returning home from work.  He is expected to pitch in and jump on the treadmill with the rest of the family.

     Invest in your husband.  Take the time to have dinner ready for him when he comes home from work.  Bring the home to a peaceful level before he walks in the door.  Help your home be a place of blessing and peace for him and all of the family.  Take the time to create an atmosphere of family fellowship around the dinner table instead of running out the door to evening activities.  YOU will be the one who feels blessed.

     Look at your life.  Begin to ask yourself, “Where can I invest my time?”  As you begin to make purposeful decisions, the sand will stop running through your fingers.  You will be expending your efforts for future benefits and blessings.  You are fighting a mighty current, but you have got to get out of the water.  Keep fighting.  You might fall down, but Jesus is there to take your hand and lead you out of the water.

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