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Mama Warrior

August 27, 2011

     My son made my day.  We were shopping in a quaint shop with wall plaques that had different sayings.  He pointed at one and said, “That one makes me think of you.”  “I am ready to face any challenges that are fool enough to get in my way.”  I was flattered.  Those who know me know that I can be a little feisty.  I believe in facing challenges and standing up to the devil.

     Later that same day I was partaking in the female ritual of standing in line at the ladies restroom at a restaurant.  A mother and her young daughter, around 3 years old, were also in line.  I noticed the little girl’s outfit and thought it looked different.  The mom spoke up and said, “She’s wearing her PJs.  I didn’t want to fight about it this morning.  You have to pick your battles and I didn’t want to pick this one.”  That poor precious Mama, she was defeated by a 3 year old first thing in the morning before she ever left the house.

     This morning was our final morning at the lake.  I decided it would be nice to have devotions while gazing at the lake one last time.  We all sat on a deck overlooking a calm and peaceful Lake Michigan.  I read from, “Sparkling Gems from the Greek.”  We discussed the armor of God and how Satan attacks our thoughts.

     The lake turned out to be a wonderful example.  I mentioned that the lake was calm and peaceful.  Oh Mama, do not be fooled.  In an instant the lake can turn violent and dangerous.  Just yesterday the lake raged with unrelenting waves.  I did not allow my girls to venture far at all.  The boys were determined to conquer the waves.  They were battered and exhausted as wave after unrelenting wave crashed upon them.

     The devil works the same way.  There are days that we are lulled into a false sense of security.  At those times we tend to let our guard down.  But without notice the enemy loves to begin attacking our thoughts, wave after wave with hardly a chance to catch our breath in between.  It does not stop. 

     We are in a battle.  We battle our own thoughts contrary to God’s word and we battle the lies that the enemy throws at us.  I am going to expose a major lie of the enemy.  He is the one who tells us to choose our battles.  If you only choose to fight some battles, you will lose the war.  If you choose to give in to any wave that tries to overtake you, you will be sucked under the water’s surface.

     I choose to fight every battle.  I refuse to believe any lie thrown at me.  I refuse to allow the enemy to even stick his big toe into the door of my children’s lives.  That means I’m in for some battles.  That means my little one would not be walking out the front door in her PJs.  I am not judging this poor Mama.  I know what it is like to feel battle weary.  But no matter how weary we are we must fight.

     Fighting means, always sticking to, “the bottom line.”  My kids hear this a lot.  We can debate and discuss all day, but it always comes back to, “What does God’s word say?” 

     This is where I must insert the busy warning again.  Quite often we do not have time to fight the battles that we should.  The enemy is very skilled at presenting a surprise attack when you are rushing out the door.

     Most times we are bound and determined to get in that car and arrive at our destination.  At this point would be a good time to take a deep breath, reconsider the importance of our destination and take the time to deal with the battle in front of us.  The Mama with the PJ clad child should have skipped the restaurant and stayed home for some training exercises. 

     Countless times I have fallen victim to the rush out the door.  I was so set on the plans before me; I didn’t see the bigger and more important picture.  Dear Mama, nothing is more important than stopping and training your child.    

     Mama, you are in a war.  Some days will be calm and other days the battle will rage.  Make sure that you have on the full armor of God because you ARE a Mama warrior.

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  1. cathy mcdermott permalink
    August 27, 2011 4:26 pm

    Everyday is a training day . Start your day with the armor on I love reading your blogs. They make me laugh and sometimes cry. Keep it up.

  2. mary hartman permalink
    August 27, 2011 5:29 pm

    this is so cool, i like your examples!!!

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