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What Do They Think?

August 24, 2011

     Sometimes it only takes one phrase to open a can of worms.  Here you are going along thinking all is well and BAM a certain phrase knocks you between your eyes.  This morning I read two such phrases. Today I’ll address the first.  They stopped me long enough to consider my own path.  Those were good phrases.

     “We must teach our children to not only believe as Christians but to think as Christians.”  This is a statement by Chris Klicka in the book, “The Heart of Home Schooling.”  Now, normally I would have said, “That is what I am doing.”  But thank God for situations that open our eyes to the realities that we may have missed.

     There are endless dangers to being over busy.  This blog today is my 74th blog and I think I have pointed out numerous pitfalls to being over scheduled, over committed and overwhelmed.  Yesterday I realized once again that I had suffered yet another consequence from my over busy lifestyle.

     We are on vacation.  We are staying in a small house near the beach and have committed to doing nothing except to stay at the house and go to the beach.  We have meals to last us a week and I do not want to go anywhere unless it is to the beach or a stroll around the neighborhood.   

     It has been wonderful.  This home is half the size of our home.  That really brings us together.  No wandering off to the computer room or disappearing into bedrooms.  We are living in the same room at the same time. 

     Dinner time last night was a wonderful time of togetherness.  This should not have been a rare event but unfortunately it was.  Over the past year many things have kept us away from the family dinner table.  There were late work nights for Dad.  Months of night time play practices and choir for the girls and basketball practices for boys, and of course summer time wedding preparations. These all add up and before you know it; your family rarely has dinner together.

     Dinner time is a vitally important time.  It may be that one time in the day where we reconnect as an entire family.  I have written about how to slow that meal time down and how to linger together.  I will treat you to some re-posts concerning this topic.  But meal time may just be the moment in time when you sit and talk long enough to really know what your kids are thinking.

     At our dinner table last night I became aware of subtle incorrect thinking from one of my kids.  Blatant wrong thoughts are easy to see and address.  The subtle ones are more dangerous.  Because we are on vacation, because we have no plans and nowhere to go we could sit and talk and address issues for a long time.

     Dear Mama, vacations are rare things.  Actually for us, this week away is a first.  We cannot wait until vacations to slow down long enough to hear our children.  I am a Mama who tends to preach a lot.  I do not let things slip.  But if we are too busy, much is slipping and we may not be aware.

     It is an ongoing challenge to know and address the thoughts of our kids.  They are influenced constantly by the world around them.  They may believe as a Christian but are they thinking like a Christian?  The answer may be yes for the most part.  I just want to warn you of the subtle thoughts that escape our notice because of our busy lifestyles.

     So take some time today to have a conversation with your kids.  Find out what they are thinking.  You may know but you may also be surprised.  Let’s hope it is a good surprise.  Slow down so that you can keep the conversation going every day because we must teach our kids how to think as a Christian.  Take the time to make sure you know how to also. 


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