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Your Moment in Time

August 22, 2011

     Some people are shutterbugs.  The invention of the digital camera with endless photo capability was a true God send to them.  They record every moment in life with an endless parade of photos.  Then there are those who take photos and create art and literature by scrapbooking and putting their stamp of individuality on a moment in history.   

     I too want to capture the history of my family on film.  When I actually remember to pull out the camera, I can snap a fair share of photos.  The place I fail is in the follow through.  My moments of history fill countless boxes waiting for “some day,” and  SD cards sit around waiting for my computer literate sons to help me down load them.

     The way that I love to record time is through words.  The pen is my paint brush and the paper my canvas.  Carol Rizzoli in Victoria magazine wrote, “Writing is my way of slowing time down.  Writing is the best way to capture it.”

     One gift writing has given me is the gift of time.  When I’m writing I truly soak in the moment.  I become very aware of the sights, sounds, smells and feelings around me. 

     Today I am lying on the beach as I write you.  The sky is a striking blue; the aqua green water is lined with row after row of white tipped waves.  Once again I am treated to the view of a lone white sailed boat gliding along the horizon.  The waves are rough and choppy and send a cool spray my way with each crash on the shore.  Every now and then I reach down and run my fingers through the cool soft sand.  My family is little heads bobbing up and down upon a distant wave.  I attempted to join them but I made it to my ankles and reconsidered.  I don’t know where I stuck the camera, but this moment in time is set in my mind.

     Photos are a treasure to keep for a life time and a gift to the next generations.  But try slowing down this week and grab some paper and pen.  I personally am in the habit of purchasing beautifully decorated journals.  My only problem is that I hate to spoil them by writing in them once I get them.  Don’t worry, I’m working on that one.

     A beautiful blank page is your camera and your pen is the shutter.

     As your children sit and play, watch them and write about your feelings.  Watching our children sometimes fills us with hopes and dreams for their future.  Fill a page with those thoughts.  I have a journal for each child that I have recorded memories, hopes and dreams in throughout their lives.  Some day they will be precious gifts that I will present them.

     Taking the time to write really does slow time down.  You become more aware of the sights and sounds around you.  You can paint a picture of all that you feel with your words.

     Create a journal for each child.  Fill them with letters that someday they will read and cherish.  Through your words, not only will you save a moment in time you will give the gift of you and your thoughts for your child and even your grandchildren.

     So as you reach for your camera or I pod, reach too for a journal and pen.  Soak in the moment.  Listen to the sounds of your children playing, the breeze in the trees, the waves on the shore or the still small voice of God.  Feel the breeze against your skin, the sand between your toes, the raindrops on your face.  Then write from your heart and record your own moment in time.

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