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Every Last Drop

August 19, 2011

     I’m digging my heels in.  I won’t go willingly!  School supplies may fill every store aisle, school buses may fill the streets but I’m not leaving summer.

     I remember very clearly the hope that filled me as I wrote you about dappled summer sunlight (June 6) and Tom Sawyer rope swings.  It was a disappointing realization when I saw that I had morphed into Aunt Polly (June 5), but I was still looking forward to a Tom Sawyer summer.

     Fast forward to mid August.  What happened???  Where did the summer go?  For me it disappeared into home and wedding preparations.  I knew it would be a busy summer filled with projects and activities pertaining for my son’s marriage but I didn’t realize the hope of summer would be gone with my son.

     There’s a feeling at the beginning of summer, one of hope and freedom.  The hope is for all the fun that summer represents and the freedom is the return of the feelings of childhood freedom.  With the return of school all those feelings are put on the shelf again until next summer.

     Well they won’t take me without a fight.  My yard is still telling me it’s summer.  The cicadas are still singing, the humming birds are darting around my feeder and fragrant summer blooms fill my gardens.  An annoying fly is buzzing around me and he too is saying, “summer is not over… buzz!”

     Don’t be fooled by all the back to school hype.  There are many more moments of summer waiting to be lived.  The pool may have cooled off but it still has a few more good splashes left in it.  The fireflies are no longer twinkling but the nights are still calling for a good game of murder in the dark (June 29).  The cooler nights are beckoning for a tent full of giggling children (June 9 & 10).  The night sky is waiting for a blanket full of stargazers and the beach waves are calling you to frolic just once more.

     Fall with all its own special treats will be here soon enough.  I won’t mind the arrival of red and golden leaves.  Autumn might very well be my favorite season.  But it can wait.  There’s still some summer left in the tube and I plan on squeezing every last drop out of it.

     So take the kids outside.  Jump on the bikes or the trampoline.  Break out the croquet or volleyball net.  Join a game of tag and grill up some burgers.  Build one last fort (June 18). But enjoy these lovely summer days, there is still time.

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