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The Flavors of Life

August 18, 2011

      I love chocolate.  I am not alone.  The flavor of chocolate is pure satisfaction.  It is a flavor that puts all stress to rest, all sorrow is lessened and anger melts in your mouth along with the chocolate. 

     Other flavors I enjoy are anything Italian, and I’m always ready for Tex-Mex.  Robust and slightly spicy, mellow and creamy; I love them all.

     Our lives also have a flavor.  Our everyday activities may be sweet, but quite often our lives leave a bitter taste in our mouths.  We too are a flavor to those around us.  Time spent with us can be an enjoyable experience, a well flavored feast, or we can come across as a tasteless fast food meal thrown at us through the car window.

     The pace at which we live life determines its favor to us and our flavor to those around us.  A meal enjoyed while lingering and enjoying the flavor of each bite is quite different from a meal gulped down on the run.

     I want to invite you today to a lovely feast; the feast of life.  I want you to savor each bite.  I want you to smell the aromas wafting from each spoonful.  Allow your taste buds to water as you anticipate the luscious meal before you.  Linger over your meal.  Enjoy the company at the table.  Dine, don’t merely eat. 

     The flavors before you are a rich mixture.  There are spices that can make our eyes water and leave us running for water to douse our tongues.  Other flavors are so mild we have to really pay attention and try to place exactly what flavor that is.  Some flavors can fill us with such ecstasy, our eyes roll back in our heads as our body just sighs.  But there is no denying that this feast has every flavor imaginable.

     We too leave a taste in the mouth of all those who encounter us.  I hate to admit that in the past, I was living life so quickly that those who encountered me probably felt like I just grabbed the fork out of their mouths.  I left them guessing as to what flavor I really was.

     Each day is a new meal before us, each moment a chance to savor life.  Don’t gulp your food.  Join me today and let us determine to savor, linger and enjoy the feast of life.




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  1. August 20, 2011 7:50 am

    Lovely thoughts. Just lovely!

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