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It’s a Toilet Out There

August 17, 2011

     Are you familiar with the phrase, “Look before you leap?”  How about the phrase, “If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?”  That one I heard many times as I was growing up.  These colloquialisms and others like them were created from time tested truths.

     Look before you leap, comes from the Biblical truth that you should count the cost before you build.  The basic idea is that you should consider all the variables before you make a commitment.  Know what you are building; know what you are jumping into. But most importantly know what it will cost you.  Know if you have what it takes to proceed.  If you are jumping off the deep end, make sure you can swim.  If you can’t you had better have some floaties, and you had better know what is in the water you are leaping into.

     Joni Eareckson Tada, an incredible woman of God and quadriplegic  will tell you, never dive into unfamiliar waters headfirst without knowing what lurks below the water’s surface.  She dove and suffered a permanent spinal cord injury.

     When I was in college, our swim team went to Hawaii.  There was an area called “The toilet bowl” that we “brave” swimmers went to conquer.  Brave was actually the incorrect adjective, it should have been unintelligent.  The toilet bowl is a large hole worn into the rock along a ragged shoreline.  As the waves rush in with great force, water is funneled through a tunnel that leads to the hole and it sprays up through the hole.  It is then sucked back out through the tunnel again with the receding wave.  Thus, a filling and flushing like a toilet bowl.

     When the water is full, you jump in and ride the flushing motion up and down.  I don’t think any of us considered the possibility that we could be sucked through the tunnel and drowned. One girl on another team was spewed out of the hole onto the surrounding jagged rock and broke her arm.  Over confidence in our skills as swimmers, immaturity and college stupidity did not lead to looking before we leapt.

     For many of you school, has begun.  Those of us who have not started yet are not too far behind you.  With a new school year comes countless opportunities to add countless activities to our schedules.  Ladies, I am warning you, it is a toilet bowl out there.

     Before you sign up for one extra class, one lesson or one sport team you had better be sure you can swim.  You had better be sure there is not a tunnel at the bottom of that hole that may just suck you out into the ocean filled with sharks.  A little extreme?  My analogy is accurate.

     Dear Mama, count the cost.  What will that activity cost you and your family?  Will it cost you family dinner time?  Will it cost you peaceful bedtimes or prayer time?  Will it cost you quality time with your husband, other children or your family as a whole?  Check out the water, what hidden dangers lurk beneath the surface?

     My Mama was right to warn me time and again, “If everyone jumped off a cliff would you do it too?”  The answer to this one seems obvious but yet we leap off cliff after cliff with those who have not checked out the dangers below. 

     As you determine the activities that you will be involved in, do not consider what anyone else is doing.  Bring your list to God.  Let him show you what is best for you and your family.  He knows every hidden danger.  He knows the cost to you, your relationship with him and your family.

     Some dangers are merely an inconvenience.  Others mean death. So the school bell is ringing.  It is time to run to class.  But stop first.  Look before you leap, count the cost and don’t jump in with everyone else.

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  1. Anna spence permalink
    August 17, 2011 4:11 pm

    i plan on reading your blogs every day!!!!!!!

  2. Dale Kaufmann-Moore permalink
    August 21, 2011 11:25 am

    Yep, because of Mom, I have never lept off a cliff, but I have gone leeping into places I should have looked at first. I wish she would have said that more often. I also try to say only nice things when my thoughts try to encourage me to say not such nice things. Joseph’s computer is working today, fyi.

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