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Then Came the Storm

August 16, 2011

     I had a lovely dinner planned for all my visiting family.  The wedding was over and I was ready to relax and dine.  We had worked for months preparing our home and yard.  My husband’s sister had not been here in 10 years.  For my sister it had been 7.  I wanted everything to be perfect and beautiful for them.

     I had planned a catered dinner on my back patio.  Three long tables had carefully chosen white damask table cloths laid upon them. A special trip to Lafayette was needed to secure all three.  My motif was Tuscan.  I had created a beautiful center piece and laid vines and grapes upon the tables.  The dishes and napkins had been exchanged three times while I searched for the perfect look.  White lights twinkled from all the trees and lanterns filled with candles hung among the flowers and plants around the patio.  Specially chosen French and Tuscan music played and set a lovely back ground for our dining.  21 people gathered around my specially set table.

     This was one moment I had been waiting for.  I was ready to relax from all the work and preparation.  I was ready for an evening enjoying family and lingering late into the evening.

     Then in the distance I heard a faint rumble.  I wanted to ignore it and deny that I had heard it.  But then it came again.  The dark clouds on the horizon were coming closer.  I prayed that God would divert their path, but it was obvious it was heading toward us.

     I thought, I can sit and enjoy this and hope it misses us or begin to move now before the rain began.  I chose to forgo the ostrich plan; you know the one where you just bury your head and pretend it is not happening.  I told everyone to just grab their dinner and drinks and move to the screen porch.  We grabbed the CD player and I said, the rest can get wet.

     My guests wet into high gear.  In less than five minutes they had completely cleared every trace of a dinner party.  Then the storm hit.  It was not your average rain storm.  Severe gusts of wind even sent us scurrying from the screen porch into the house.

     People were everywhere.  Many tried to finish their now cold dinner while the caterer went from room to room trying to serve dessert; chocolate mousse cake or cheesecake with strawberry topping.

     I was bummed about my ruined plans but I knew there was a lesson in this.  Oh the well laid plans of man!  So often we have a plan.  So often we prepare and work and even scheme to create the plan we desire; and then the storm comes.

     My Dad made a profound statement.  He said, “the dessert tasted just as delicious inside the house as it would have outside.”  We still had a wonderful evening.  Was it what I had planned so very carefully?  No.  But later I learned others had lost their lives in the storm.  My ruined plans did not compare.

     So today I just want to get your thinking cap going.  I want you to form your own analogy.  Think about your own life situations.   Be careful of the disappointment that follows failed plans, even plans that take enormous preparation.  Know that the storms at some point will come.  Then notice all those who are there to help you in the midst.  The opportunity for my dinner was lost but I refuse to allow the storm to ruin my party.

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  1. Bobbi permalink
    August 16, 2011 10:57 am

    The wedding was beautiful! I cried when you parents encircled Luke and Rachelle and prayed after the lighting of the unity candle. Everything was so God-honoring and special!

    I’m sorry that your dinner was blown off track, but your take on it is lovely. Thank you for your upbeat outlook! I love reading your blogs!

  2. Diana permalink
    August 16, 2011 11:00 am

    Good thoughts Debbie. Glad you still enjoyed your family!!

  3. August 17, 2011 4:36 pm

    Debbie I enjoyed everthing that evening. I found the setting so wonderful and when the storm came the way you and all the others just moved on was a thing to remember. It would seem to me it marked the way we felt for our Lord. The evil one did not get any room.

    The fun inside was delightful how else could your Dad have gotten to play your game of so long ago. Oh, I really was blessed by your writings and I have gotten caught up again. Keep writing you do a great job. Jody

  4. Becky permalink
    August 18, 2011 1:05 pm

    God forced us to mingle with more than the few sitting by us at the beautifully set table. To that end I guess it brought us closer! The night was still beautiful and filled with the ultimate goal of sharing time with family! Thank you for having me!

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