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Our Name is Pearl

August 11, 2011

 Dear Mama, you are an extraordinary woman, a pearl of great value.  The things that God has done in your life, the gifts he has placed in you are beyond value.  You have arrived at this moment in time through hardships, tests and trials.  You have been refined by the fire and the lessons you hold deep in your heart came at great cost.   The fruit that now graces your life came from reaching deep and dying daily.

     The verse in Esther, “And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this,” holds great meaning in countless situations.  Dear Mama, these trials, this refinement and this daily dying is for such a time as this… motherhood.

    I had wonderful new encouragment for you today, but Party Time is ready to deliver my chairs.  Things are starting to get a little crazy here. Four house guests, a birthday dinner for 20 last night, rehersal dinner set up today, bachlor party and four more relatives arrive.

     For many of you your thoughts may be on all the craziness that will begin with the start of school.  My advice for me and you today is, breathe.  Don’t get so crazy that you loose the enjoyment of the moment you are living in.  Remember to slow down.  And always remember, YOU are important.  Today I am reposting.  Even if you have read this one before, we cannot hear it enough!  So enjoy your day and enjoy this summer re-run.

     Who better to bestow your life on, than your children?  Who better to open the door of your treasures to, than your children?  You possess insights, wisdom, talents and time.  Who is receiving this gift?  Who is reaping the immeasurable value of you?

     Quite often those who receive the best of you are those who neither value nor are changed by the life you pour out, and your family happily accepts the little you have left over.

     Be careful where you pour out the gift of you.  Be cautious with the great gift of your time.  Your children, your family, are worth the extravagant gift of you.  The time you give them can only be measured in eternity.  The lessons you teach them will affect generations.  The gifts you share will be multiplied beyond imagination.  As you open the treasure of you, and present it to those who will not trample it, but instead value and treasure it, you have chosen your recipients well.

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