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It’s Not a Speed Bump, It’s a Stop Sign

August 9, 2011

     Speed bumps are annoying nuisances that slow us down from our own pre-determined pace.  Not only do they alter our speed but sometimes they shake the crud out of you.  We hate them in parking lots and we sure don’t like them in life any better.

      Last October I had some minor surgery. (If surgery can be minor) It slowed me down for a week.  At the end of the week I hosted a pot luck dinner and “theatre Under the Stars.”  I quickly returned to my own pre-determined pace, which usually was speeding.

     Then in March I had surgery again.  This time it was not minor.  It flattened me for over two months.  I thought it was a hum dinger speed bump, I was very mistaken.  It was a stop sign.  Now I thank God for that stop sign.  I was speeding, and speed bumps were doing little to slow me down.  They were minor nuisances.

     When I am grocery shopping, I am in the zone.  I have an agenda and I do not look to the left or to the right.  I have this one slot of time and I have a mission to accomplish.  One day in Walmart an older gentleman began to comment on the beans I was purchasing.  I ended up giving him more than the customary minute of courtesy. He just needed someone to listen.  On that day I did.  When we finished he thanked me for taking the time to talk to him.  Later I saw him attempting to talk to someone else.  They brushed him off with a roll of their eyes  Was he a lonely old gentleman who just needed someone to talk to or was he an angel on assignment to see who would stop long enough to lend a kind ear?

     There are people all around us with some kind of need.  It may be loneliness, health issues, discouragement even tragedy that rocks their world.  Very unfortunately we may slow down for a moment at that speed bump but we blow right through that stop sign.  An example of this is a hurricane, tsunami, tornado or family tragedy that does not directly affect us.  We are shocked and care with the rest of the world but when the event is no longer a part of the headlines it slips from our thoughts as well.  (there are exceptions)

     Today, I am your speed bump.  I am merely here to say, “slow down”.  Be aware today.  Is God putting any other speed bumps in your path?  Now it is your task to determine if what He has put in your path is only a speed bump or is it a stop sign?  I believe there are stop signs all around us but we are not paying attention.  Someone needs more than just a minute of our time.  Someone needs us to lay down our plans and agendas.  It may just be our own family.  It may be someone we know.  It may be a greater cause than you ever imagined.

     Don’t just slow down at the stop signs.  Pay attention to the signs around you.  God is trying to get your attention.  Someone needs you today.



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  1. August 9, 2011 6:23 pm

    debbie just read all i had not read. They all say so much packed with truth from the word of our Lord. i do so enjoy what you write. You do have a great way with words.
    I always think I would that Gail could read this and so on. Keep writing somebody is sure to get help if they want some. Jody

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