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The Power of a Mother

August 8, 2011

Power: the ability to act or produce an effect

     In 480 BC, Sparta Greece fought a battle against the Persian army.  Some of you may know about this historical event or you may have seen the movie “300” which was about this event.  The Spartans stepped forward and volunteered to stall the Persian army at a narrow valley.  300 men were chosen by the king, they were slain to the last man.  “To die for your city was the greatest privilege a Spartan could achieve and all warriors wanted the honor.  Did the king pick the bravest men, the best fighters, the greatest Olympic athletes?”  The king stated that “none of those traits factored into how he chose the 300.  Instead, he chose them based on the character of their wives and mothers.”  Since these 300 were destined to die, “their wives and mothers would be left for the rest of Greece to see.  If these women were broken by the loss of their husbands and sons, then the Greeks would lose heart and fail to defend their homeland.  But if these women exhibited courage and strength, then the Grecian peoples would be inspired and win the war.”

     There is so much in this one story.  One point is; are we raising young men who would be chosen?  Another point is as we raise them are we developing our own character along the way.  And the point I want to touch on today is; with what purpose are we raising our boys?

     In two days my son turns 21.  Then 3 days later he will get married.  This Mama’s job is done.  This son more than all the others has received the admonition, “Go out and change the world!”  He is not perfect and neither am I.  The  results of this charge are yet to be seen.  But they are seeds planted deep into good soil.  Dear Mama are you raising your son to go out and change the world?

     None of us knows what lies ahead in our own lives, in America, in the world.  The Spartans were a warlike people living in an uncertain time.  If you think we are any less you are mistaken.  We are in many wars.  The obvious ones are in Iraq and Afghanistan and some of our sons may be preparing for that type of war.  The rest of them are in daily wars with their own flesh, their peers and the forces of evil that seek to destroy us all.

     Mama you hold great power in your hands.  Power is the ability to produce an effect.  Today you have a choice on how you will raise your sons.  This week you may make choices for this upcoming school year.  What activities will he be in, what classes will he take, how will he spend his time? 

     You are a Spartan Mama. It is time to display your courage and strength.  Will your son be chosen as one of the 300?  We must raise our sons to be Godly MEN.  We must charge them to change the world.  We cannot float through our days without guidance and training; MANLY training.

     The King is searching for who he can choose.  Prepare now so he will he choose your son.  Prepare now so he will choose you.


The information about Sparta was borrowed from the book, “That’s My Son”





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  1. August 8, 2011 4:28 pm

    Love it, love it , LOVE IT! Thank you for the reminder to us mothers of the future nations! I so do concur!!! God bless you mightily, every one of you!

  2. Penni Barnes permalink
    August 9, 2011 6:49 pm

    Debbie, thank you so much for sharing this. So many words of wisdom & encouragement!
    Congratulations to Luke on his upcoming wedding, may their lives & steps together be Truly Blessed!

    Penni Barnes & family

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