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Girl’s Night OUT

August 6, 2011

     My kids and I have taken a short trip to Ohio.  My sister is visiting a dear friend and I had to return her son to her.  It has been a nice restful break.  My plans were to make a quick trip, one night and then back home quickly to my “To Do” list.  But as I floated on a raft in her pond, my determination seemed to float away with the waves.  When Dale suggested I stay one more night, there was no arm twisting going on.

     I noticed in the newspaper that it was time once again for the Perseid meteor shower.  It happens every August.  Years ago, before kids, my husband and I took a camping trip to the darkest spot in the lower 48, Ft. Davis Texas, just to see the Perseid shower.  I’ll never forget sitting in the darkness and watching blue steaks shooting across the heavens.

     That was more than 25 years ago.  I have not seen another Perseid shower since then.  Quite often when you read about astronomical events, they always seem to best occur late at night or very early in the morning.  Many times I had every intension of gazing at these events, but with a full calendar and a full life and a tired body, my bed always won out in those situations.

     For months I have encouraged you to stop and smell the roses.  Well it is time now to stop and gaze at the stars.

     We finally got our room full of kids tucked in and lights turned out.  It was late and we all were tired but I was determined to see some falling stars.  We grabbed cozy blanket wraps and headed to 3 lawn chairs in the middle of the yard, in the middle of the darkness.

     For two hours we talked about countless topics. We ooohed and ahhhhed and giggled and laughed.  Every time a shooting star streaked across the sky, we spontaneously ooohed and burst into laughter.  It is amazing how fireworks and shooting stars elicit the same response.  I wondered about her distant neighbors.  I wondered what they may have thought about the fits of giggles exploding now and then into the cool damp darkness.

     We will always have a “To Do” list.  Mine is legit, we have a wedding in 7 days.  But moments are waiting to be lived in the midst of our plans.  I was refreshed in a country pond and I will never forget the best ever, girl’s night out.


For all aspiring star gazers the Perseid light show is visible in the night sky from early to mid August, with the peak during the nights of Aug. 10-13  The meteor shower will appear to originate from the constellation Perseus, which can be found in the northeast sky.  The best time to view is generally after midnight.  The best night may be after 3 a.m. Wednesday Aug 10 after the moon sets.  This information is from “The Lima News”

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  1. Edie permalink
    August 6, 2011 8:40 am

    Mmmm….That’s some refreshing wonderfulness right there.

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