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It’s Time to Get Your Hair Wet

August 4, 2011

     Go to any public or backyard pool and the scene is usually the same.  The kids are splashing, swimming, playing and diving while the parents are stretched out on lounge chairs.  Hey, no criticism, they are actually at the pool.  

     Many of these parents are taking the rare opportunity to get their ration of vit D.  Others are enjoying a moment to catch up on a good book.  Others are enjoying some fellowship time with other moms as their kids romp together.

     I always enjoyed our visits to the public pool.  Lifeguards did the majority of watching for me and I was able to relax and just glance every now and then.  But an amazing thing would happen when I slipped into the pool to cool off.  My children would flock to me like piranha.  “Play with us, play with us!”

     The other day I had seven little girls playing in my pool, plenty to have a good time.  I walked out the back door in my swim suit.  You would have thought that a rock star had come out the door.  They were so excited.  A few even began chanting, “Go Miss Debbie, go Miss Debbie!”

     Our kids are having a wonderful time swimming.  It is a wonderful summer time treat.  The icing on this treat is if we just join them.  It is time to get our hair wet.  We need to join in the romping.  Summer time swimming is not a spectator sport.  So jump in, the water is fine.

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