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A Box of Broken Stuff

August 3, 2011

     I cleaned off my desk today.  My desk is that zone in the house where everything gets dumped.  We all have one of those spots.  Unfortunately our spot overlaps onto the chair, the floor and the kitchen bar.

     I have done a pretty good job.  The paper work can all be placed in files and eventually finds a home.  Then you are left with the “what not” pile.  This is the mish mash pile of odd items that you look at and say, “what not” is in there?”  You slowly find a home for each odd item and you are finally left with the broken stuff.  There are two pieces of doll house furniture, a tea bag caddy, a wall plate and a doll sized tea saucer all waiting for glue.  I am usually in rush mode, so no time to glue.  Let’s just throw it in a box, and I’ll get to it later.

     Has anyone out there determined when later is?  I think “later” is in a fixed position, a certain number of days away from you.  As you move forward in time so does “later.”  You can never reach “later.”

     These items are too loved to throw away.  So we save them in a box, waiting for “later.”  I would venture to say there are more items in that box than just some doll furniture and broken plates.

     What is in your “broken box?”  Our boxes may contain promises, plans and dreams.  They are filled with ideas, and character building plans we have for our families.  But they have been thrown on the dumping spot, the spot that represents our lack of time to follow through.  Eventually, so much stuff is thrown on top of them, they lay forgotten, hidden by more busyness.

     I think today I may just pull out the glue.  Some of these items can be repaired.  Nothing is ever a lost cause.  This very blog is a sign that I’ve been gluing.  Join me today.  Pull out your box of broken stuff and fix something.


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  1. August 3, 2011 11:25 am

    Debbie I had time to read the last few days and they touch my heart and bring up so many wonderful times I have had with you and your family.

    I am looking forward to being at Luke’s wedding and being with the family for dinner. Your writings are great and all who take the time to read them should get help by doing so.

    Thankful you and Dale can have some time together. I heard from my sister Kathryn this week and it was good. Trusting to see you Thursday. Today the Kintsel’s will be here to have lunch with us. Jody

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