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Memory Makers

July 30, 2011

     My sister is in town for my son’s wedding.  We only get to see each other at major family events.  The last time was 7 years ago.  What we enjoy most is reminiscing.  We have our favorite stories that we always laugh about, like the time we sat “spider way” on the swing, got stuck, then laughed so hard “someone” peed their pants.  That “someone” was also on top.  Last night we laughed so hard, this morning my stomach hurt.  It felt good to laugh.  (and no one peed)

     The one thing that was a little frustrating was how much I didn’t really remember.  A lot has happened in 50 years and it is not all easily retrievable.  But in the end, the memories that were intact were the special ones, the memories of special time with my family, the fun parts of childhood and the feelings of love I felt in my childhood.

     We are memory makers.  We as parents set the stage for the scenes of our children’s lives.  What will their memories be?  I don’t remember times when we watched TV together.  But I do remember nights when we played “monster” with our Dad.  I don’t remember driving to and from the activities we were involved in.  But I do remember being captured by a giant, imprisoned inside the swing set and escaping around the alligator lava pit.

     Our job as a memory maker is to merely set the stage.  We can create the moment in time for memories to take place.  The words, “Go outside and play!” may be all that is necessary.  A bedtime story and prayers are not memories that are lost.  And when exact memories are fuzzy, you still have a knowing deep inside of the fun you had and the love you felt as a kid.

     After experiencing the tragedy of losing someone you love it is good if you begin to question yourself.  Some of the questions should be, “With our current lifestyle, what memories are we creating for our children?”  “Do we need to alter our lives?”  “Am I on the path I want to be on?”

     I lost my mother 21 years ago.  All I have of her are my memories.  They are wonderful memories.  She gave me love and a wonderful childhood. 

     When we leave this world we will leave a legacy and hopefully an incredible impact.  But we also leave those who love us with memories.  Make sure they are good ones.  Make sure they include fun and love.  Make sure they light the way. 

     Today we have life.  Today we have another day to make and leave a memory.  What one will you make?


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  1. July 30, 2011 10:48 am

    I just love your encouragements and reminders about life’s important, imperative things! We are SO on the same page! This “Time Out for Tea and Tidbits” could become a book in print that you leave as a legacy for many!
    May God continue to bless you on your journey through life!
    TWINcerely with love in HIM,

  2. Jan permalink
    July 31, 2011 11:58 pm

    Debbie, Jan and I love what you have to say too. Keep your words flowing. And next time we swing, I am on top! Love Dale and Jan
    ps Jan has a swing in her yard, but she’s staying way away.

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