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July 29, 2011


The act or power of producing an effect without apparent force

     We live in a world that seems to be constantly searching for a hero.  Movie stars, sports figures, rock stars and even politicians rise and fall in the daily battle for public recognition.  We are searching.  We are surrounded by a negative culture, and in the darkness we are looking for one bright light.

     The most obvious light we are searching for is first and foremost, The Light of the World; Jesus.  But beyond Him we are looking for someone to stand out, for someone to stand up and for someone who will lead us.

     Most people feel that they have no influence.  They live their daily lives going through the motions, day after day.  A father goes to work, day after day.  Who does he influence?  Mothers may also go to work or stay at home and do the same tasks day after day.

     Someone is watching you.  You are not unnoticed.  Your day to day drudgery is being noted and considered.  Who are you influencing?  Do you even know the level and scope of your influence?  It is much, much greater than you realize.

     The response to the loss of the Cicalo family has been a tremendous outpouring.  So many people have been touched by their loss.  The reason is because so many people were touched by their lives.  Were they great movie stars?  Were they incredible athletes? (Zak was a pretty awesome basketball player)  No that is not why they influenced so many people.

     They seemed to be average just like us, yet they influenced a multitude.  Do you think your influence may be greater than you realize?  We need to realize that we have the power to produce an effect.  What effect will we produce?

     As I mentioned yesterday, we produce an effect when we reach out in love, care, concern and encouragement.  We can affect multitudes.  Mothers and fathers, you have the greatest opportunity to effect a generation, even the future.  Start with your family.  Your kids are looking for a hero.  Be it!

     What will you do today?  How will you live your life?  What words will you say to your family and others?  You will be an influence, for good, or not.  Become more aware today of what difference you can make in the lives around you.  Become aware today that you may very well be able to change the course of history.  Too incredible?  I don’t think so.  You have the “power” to produce an effect.  What will it be?



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  1. Diana permalink
    July 29, 2011 6:54 pm

    So true…we never know who is watching. So important to know that we are effecting someone most always.

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