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Are We Hot Yet?

July 20, 2011

     What would summer be without a heat wave?  Well, actually it would be quite pleasant, at least for us adults.  Kids don’t care.  For months now I have been telling you how important it is to get our kids outside.  Well now that the heat index is 110, they want to play outside.

     I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Summers there are HOT!  Running across the street barefoot was comparable to the natives that you see walking on burning coals.  To prove how tough we were, or stupid, we would sit in bathing suits on the burning pavement and see who could last the longest.  The winner was probably the dumb one in the bunch.  And of course we had to try and fry an egg on the sidewalk.  It fried.

     Some days I’ve been known to gloat to my sister in Texas about our wonderful cool Indiana summers.  Well there won’t be any gloating today.  It is hot, hot, HOT!  But that does not stop my kids.  For two days now my daughters have had some friends over.  They are camping out in the playhouse.  They do not want to come in.  They have been outside for two full days!  Today I did force them to come in for a couple of hours during the hottest part of the day.  You should have seen the droopy faces.

     Kids who are in full childhood mode, do not care what the temperature is.  It is not hot and it is not cold.  My youngest son consistently came in from playing in the snow with what I was sure was pre-frostbite.  But he was clueless.  He was having fun.

     So we may wilt just walking to the car and the thought of playing in this heat is pure torture, but kids don’t care.  They like walking on hot coals and burning their bottoms.  So fill a thermos full of water.  Set it outside with some cups.  Or set an ice chest full of bottled water on the porch.  Have them jump in the pool or run in the sprinkler.  Help them cool off, but let them play.  Summer is for kids.


NOTE:  Please always use wisdom and protect your children.  They may not always be aware of overheating.  Heat exhaustion and sun stroke are serious situations.

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  1. Diana permalink
    July 20, 2011 9:58 am

    My girls too enjoyed the summers!! When living in apartments where we did not have access to much space for a wading pool…I kept the tub filled with a bit of water during the day…they had permission to get in and ‘take a dip’ anytime they felt hot (we also did not have A/C way back then!!) It was also my youngest daughters delight to give me her little dress @ naptime – I’d lay it in the chest freezer….after her nap she’d slip into that frozen stiff little dress and feel all cool and refreshed.
    Your blog writings help to bring back sweet memories of my girls’ growing up years.

    • July 20, 2011 11:59 am

      It is amazing how spoiled we have become. Until three years ago, we only had window air conditioners in two rooms. Our ancestors wore alot more clothes and had no pools or A/C. Thanks for sharing. I love the part about the frozen dress. I think there’s a blog in there somewhere.

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