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Calendar: Friend or Foe?

July 11, 2011

     I remember the days when a calendar was an item that you chose for the lovely pictures, that you hung on the wall to glance at every now and then just to see what day it was.  Those days are long gone.  Today there is an entire industry devoted to keeping us on date, on task and on time.

     We have places to go, things to do and people to see.    It is vital that we keep it all straight.  So, we carry our day planners, our phones have alarms to remind us of appointments and our home walls are covered with a color coded schedules for each member of the family.  A college level logistics class would have been useful about now.

     My life was so crazy; I could not do anything without first consulting my calendar.  I hate to say it, but it was not, “What is God’s will for my life today?” but “What is the calendar’s will for my life today?”  They may think that a certain singer who wins a contest is the American idol, but I say the calendar is the American idol.

     The calendar in itself is not evil.  It is quite handy to know what day it is from time to time.  But we have so overscheduled our lives that I would not be surprised if someone had; 10:05 – go to the bathroom.  It is not the calendar’s fault.  It only holds the information that you have inputted.  It is the in-putter that needs the overhaul.

     Here are some tips to help you in your overhaul.  First of all, when you start a new week, month, project or school year; go through your calendar and block out complete days that are off limits.  Try to have at least one of these a week.  More would be preferable if you can manage it.  No matter what, do not schedule anything on your blocked out days.  Guard them with your life.  Now that you have these days set aside, they are not to accomplish all the errands and tasks that you left undone on the other days.  These days are for you and your family.

     Next, make sure each and every day has time blocked out for you to have quiet time.  You need time to spend with the Lord, you need “nothin” time, you need rest time.  Then finally make sure you schedule time for play time with your family.  Once these important items are in your calendar THEN you can schedule other things.  But make time for the more valuable things first; you, God and your family.

     Is your calendar your friend or your foe?  It is up to you.  To repeat myself, “YOU are the keeper of the schedule!”  So no matter what device tries to tell you when to live, remember it is up to you.  You have a choice and you are in charge of the calendar, not the other way around.


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