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Sprinkler Time

July 9, 2011

     Have you ever sat and just listened to a sprinkler?  It keeps perfect time, ch, ch, ch,ch, ch.   The first step in noticing the sound of the sprinkler is to sit long enough to listen.  Now let’s take a cue from a sprinkler.  Life should be lived at an even constant pace.

     The way I used to live my life was more along the lines of the boys on the beach.  The ones I mentioned the other day who ran down the 50 foot sand dune at break neck speed, crashing head first into the lake.  Yeah, that sounds more like my old pace.  But I’m sitting here listening to the sprinkler and I think the sprinkler has the right idea.

     Have you ever been behind a car traveling down the road, driving about 10 mph slower than you want to go.  We have names for people like that, Sunday driver, old fogies, but I’m sure nothing worse.   They have unknowingly become a thorn in our flesh.

     What about that store clerk who just has one pace; slow.  We just always seem to get in their line.  How could that happen?  We scientifically analyzed  each line to choose the quickest moving with the fewest items.  But it never fails.  You got in the wrong line.

     The slow lane may be the lane you need to be in.  It might be good for you to get behind some old fogies.  Life lived at breakneck speed is not life.

     There used to be bumper stickers that said, “At the end, the one with the most toys wins.”  I think a comparable bumper sticker today could say, “At the end, the person with the fullest calendar wins.”  But just as the fist bumper sticker was not true, but written by some poor misguided materialistic chap, so too the second bumper sticker would also be false.  The one with the fullest calendar may be heading faster to the end.  They may also be running down a 50 foot sand dune at breakneck speed, but there is a crash at the end.

     Why not sit and listen to the sprinkler for a little while and think about your life?  What pace are you living at?  That slow driver and slow checkout clerk may very well have a better clue than you.  It is time to slow our pace.  If we are starting our day by staring down the face of a 50 foot sand dune then something must go.  Eliminate, rearrange, go on strike, but don’t start another day of sand dune surfing.

     All things have a tempo, music, seasons, motors, clocks, runners, lapping waves and even sprinklers.  Today make a choice to even out your tempo, to reduce your pace.  The sprinkler knows what it’s talking about.

Dear friends, I’m taking Sunday off.   Meet me here Monday for more encouragement.  Keep reading I have a contest coming soon.

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