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The Dinner Fairy

July 8, 2011

     Yesterday I revealed to you the danger of the “Grab and go.”  I want all of you to check out the comments under that post.  Dr. Michelle Haendiges commented and confirmed how serious this problem really can be.  Dr. Haendiges is a gynecologist/bariatric physician.  She was a huge help in my life.  My over-busy lifestyle had brought me to the point of suffering from some serious issues.  It was through her help that I changed course and began to take charge of my health.

     For years I had been the queen of busy.  I’m sure I was a contender for the world record for the number of activities you can cram in a day.  The one thing I did not make room for was meal time.  The regular conversation each day with my husband about 4:00 went like this; “What’s for dinner tonight?”  “Oh, was I supposed to make dinner?  I thought the food fairy was coming.”  Later my sister informed me that the food fairy was not coming because she was taking the night off with the dish fairy.

     Due to my over-busy life, I was exhausted, my joints hurt to the point of needing assistance at times just to stand, and I was heading toward diabetes.  The incredibly sad thing was that so was my 15 year old son.  Our lifestyle had greatly harmed his health.

     I was shocked with his diagnosis.  I felt like I did better than most.  We did not eat at fast food hamburger places.  I did not buy soda, chips, or junk food except on special occasions.  But the truth was our lifestyle of grabbing and going and not taking time for healthy meals had harmed us. My son was harmed much sooner in life than me.

     I share this with you because I know that the sole reason for our poor health was that I was too busy to feed us correctly.

     Making a healthy meal takes some forethought.  First you need to be informed of what actually constitutes healthy; pre-packaged, preservatives, high carbohydrates and sugar, DO NOT.  Find a book that will guide you if you need help.  You can also check out Dr. Haendiges’s websites; and .  If all else fails, keep bags of veggies and fruits in your fridge.  Buy bags of pre-made salad instead of boxed items.  And stock up on microwavable frozen vegetables.  These are not as good as fresh veggies but they sure are better than pasta, breads or chips.

     I think it would do us good to return to the days of menu making and weekly grocery shopping.  To make things easy, choose some meals that you enjoy that are healthy and quick to make.  Assign a meal to a day and for one month stick to that schedule.  Example:  every Monday is chicken taco salad night; every Tuesday is brown rice and oriental veggies.   Following a plan like this helps take the guess work out of the age old question, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

     The sad news is, there is no dinner fairy.  I think she permanently left town with the dish fairy.  So you will have to plan and make your own meals.  Then you will need to strap those wings on your kids for dish duty.  But do slow down, take the time to plan your meals, feed your family well, then linger over the meal and enjoy your family.  It’s a tall order, but you can do it.


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  1. Diana permalink
    July 9, 2011 8:21 pm

    I couldn’t agree more!! This has inspired me to follow through with the plan I’ve had of once again making menus and sticking to them. Seems I let that activity go a few years back and I’ve struggled for sometime with getting ‘back on track’.
    I’ve also found that making menus and sticking to them helps with the food budget as well as the calorie/health budget.

    • July 10, 2011 6:34 pm

      I agree. Doing the daily store run is a big waste of time and a big money eater also. Thanks for reading and for your comment

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