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Let Freedom Ring

July 1, 2011

     Independence Day, a day paid for with the blood of men and women with a vision for a free nation.  They did not know what lay ahead, but they knew they hated oppression.  They hated oppression to the point of putting their life where their belief was.

     There is so much today that we benefit from that others paid the price to give us.  Opportunity for a future of our choosing, is one of those benefits.  We are still free to raise our children, train them and provide them with opportunities as we are able and see fit.

     Most parents desire the very best for their children.  They desire that they have the best education and every extracurricular opportunity that they can afford or make time to squeeze into an already busy schedule.

     What we may be missing is the true vision of our forefathers, freedom from oppression.  I believe that many of us today live a life of self imposed oppression.  We are ruled without hope by our activities and schedules.  The weight of our lifestyle can be crushing and oppressive.

     Good news, today is Independence Day.  Actually, everyday can be Independence Day, if we choose to slow down, re-access our busy lives and set ourselves free from our self imposed expectations.  Our forefathers wanted the opportunity to live their lives as free men, able to rule themselves and make their own choices.  We need to ask ourselves if we have given up that hard fought for freedom through our busy lifestyles.

     There is freedom in giving yourself a break.  There is freedom in choosing to focus more on time with our children instead of time spent for our children.  And there is freedom for our children when we lighten up on the schedule and allow them free time to be children.

     This 4th of July, celebrate our nation’s freedom, but take the time to think about making your own declaration of independence.  You may not know what lies ahead, but I can assure you it will be freedom from oppression.


Dear Friends, Thank you so much for always taking the time and allowing me to share with you.  This holiday weekend I plan on playing with and enjoying my family to the fullest.  So my next blog will be on Tuesday July 5th.  Don’t miss it; it will be a special blog for someone special.  If you have the time, browse through my previous blogs.  It is my desire that you will be blessed and find encouragement for your soul.


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  1. scott kaufmann permalink
    July 1, 2011 1:23 am

    Awesome as always!!!!!

    • July 1, 2011 8:43 am

      You are the one who is awesome. Thanks so much for your faithfulness to read and to me!

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