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From Type A to Ahhhhhh

June 30, 2011

  Lingering, what a word.  How many of us linger?  Do Americans know the true meaningof the word linger? 

Linger –  to tarry, to be slow in leaving, to stay in or at a place, remain, wait, abide

     Industrious, multi-taskers, purpose and goal driven, these are the adjectives of America.  We are the land of opportunity, a race of over achievers.

     It’s confession time again.  I have been all of the above.  I was, after all, a collegiate All-American swimmer.  I know how to set goals, devote myself completely to my sport and press to the utter limits of my capabilities.  But I did not know how to linger.

     My “driven” way of life and my over achieving tendencies followed me into motherhood.  In motherhood, I became the queen of busy.  Life was rushed and precious moments of lingering were rare and often almost unnoticed, for my mind was always on fast forward. 

     But finally, I have been enlightened.  The life I was chasing had led me to a place I did not want to be, stressed, disconnected and unhappy. 

     I recently read a couple of books about France and Italy.  First I want to point out that because of my change in lifestyle, these were the first books I’ve read for pleasure in a very long time.  “A Year in Provence”, “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “My Life in France” by Julia Child.   One of the main things I noticed and loved was how these countries have a culture of lingering.  They know how to rest and they know how to linger, in town plazas and over meals.   According to these books, the Italians, especially, take the time to gather and fellowship on a regular basis.  Their meals are multi course events and they last late into the night.

     I love this.  I have sped through life, missing true fellowship and relaxation.  Well no more.  I am committed to lingering.  I plan on finding some kindred spirits who also want to linger and I plan on us lingering together.

     Challenge time!  This month, this lovely summer month, plan a dinner for your family or your husband and two to three other couples.  Have everyone help by dividing up the meal.  Set a table outside, hang little white lights in the trees and lanterns on shepherd’s hooks.  Use a table cloth on the table and cover the table top with candle light.  Set a cooler near the table and fill it with beverages so there will be no need to run indoors.  Add some music to the background. Choose instrumental music that is pleasant and relaxing.  Now, linger.   

     Being a type A personality is who I am.  It is my nature.  I will always be an organizer, a go getter and a goal setter, BUT that does not mean that I cannot learn to relax, learn to slow down or learn to linger.  It is a lesson I am learning and enjoying and you can too.


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  1. July 5, 2011 4:54 pm

    Debbie as you can see if my comments get though I am reading some of the last ones.

    I spent the evening doing just what you’re talking about. It came though my asking God about letting me go out to the Free’s to sit in the night around a fire with them. I was tired yesterday on the 4th, and I was weeding out side when I prayed to our Lord and within 10 min’s I went in to wash up and start our meal and Wilma called and said do you want to eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn . I laughed when she said “now”. Well we ate and sat outside with them until mid-night. Sure was nice. Jody

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