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Come On in, the Water is Fine.

June 24, 2011

     It’s confession time.  I am having a difficult time encouraging you today because I have fallen off the wagon.  You see, “My name is Debbie and I’m a hurryaholic.”  The reason I write each day is because I have lived in this place for so long.  It is not a place I want to be and I’m hoping I can help others who wish to find peace for their souls and their families.

     So often we do not even realize how out of control our lives are.  We have lived in this place of busyness for so long it just seems normal.  But if for just a season, you could stop and breathe and rest, you might recognize you are not living the life you desire.

     Running here and running there, our days are filled with running.  Our calendars are so full we are double and triple booked on some days.  We don’t have time for family dinners, games with our kids, time with the Lord, a relationship with our spouse, true relationships with friends or even a calm heart that can feel love.  There were many days when I had no feelings for anyone; I was just too busy to feel.

     As I have been taking my own advice and escaping the rat race, I am discovering I do have a heart.  One that feels much deeper than it had been in the daily rush of “Hurry!”   It hurts to admit this, but I had built a wall of functionality around my heart and no one was allowed access easily.  I only confess this to you so that someone who is in the same place may know there is another way.  Some of our less noble pursuits need to go.  If we really want a different outcome we will need to change something.  Each of us who desires a slower life, more time with our families, true time for the Lord and peace in our souls needs to begin evaluating if there are things that we can eliminate.  It is totally up to you.  But I will tell you, you will not be sorry.  The life you find yourself living will be worth it.

     There are pitfalls I must warn you of.  When you decide to pull back and do less, any one or more of the following may happen; you may find a lack of relationships because your relationships may only be there because of the common activity, your kids may revolt because they have been over scheduled for so long they do not know how to handle unscheduled down time, the enemy will tell you that you are ruining your child’s life by taking them out of … and you may just feel lost without all the activity.

     Please, press through any difficulties.  There is a reward for those who persevere.  The reward is beyond measure.  The reward is the one the enemy does not want us to have.  He really likes us being so busy.  We are too busy for God, too busy for each other and too busy for our families.  There is more than we know right now.  There is life that is fuller than we understand.  But we will not find it running from one activity to another.

     So, I slipped a little this week.  Old habits die hard.  I said “hurry, hurry” more than a dozen times.  In the store, I was rushing and walked 10 paces in front of my lingering kids.  I put off sitting and reading out loud our summer adventure, “because there is too much to do!” 

     Well no more.  I do not want that old life.  I will make sure my choices are always for true life.  Just as I am supposed to guard my heart, I also need to guard my schedule.  I will set small challenges for myself like; try to stay home for at least 3 days in a row without going anywhere and, at least during the summer, have at least two weeks a month free of any scheduled activity.

     Come on in, the water is fine!  Won’t you join me on the journey to the “Land of No Hurry?”

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