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You Will Change the World

June 22, 2011

     There it was, starring up at me from the wedding invitation, my son’s name.  It caught me off guard.  My son was getting married.  Now, this information was not new to me, he has been engaged for a year and a half.  But I was surprised at the emotion that immediately surfaced and ran out my eyes.

     I won’t tell you that it was only yesterday that I was changing his diapers, but I will say, “Wow!”  You hear stories of people whose lives flash before their eyes.  As I sit and write, that is exactly what is happening.  I truly can see that bright orange hair that curled at the ends; his stubby little feet and I can hear his sweet little voice.  On one hand it does feel like only yesterday, on the other it does seem like it has been a long journey.

     The journey from childhood to manhood is fun, amazing, difficult and over far too quickly.  “They grow so fast.”  How often have you heard that phrase?  At times it seems like they’ll never grow up, but they do.  One day your job is done.  You have trained them the very best you could.  You made countless mistakes, could have killed them a dozen times and have poured your very heart and soul into this man whose name now stares up at you from the wedding invitation.

     You knew you’d be done one day.  But when you are in the midst, that day seems so unreal, so very far away.  But it comes and with it comes a multitude of emotion.  There is satisfaction that you actually lived through it.  There is pride in the man you have raised, and there is relief that you didn’t totally screw him up.

     Mothers and Fathers, you deserve great honor.  You hold the most important job in the world.  You are the world changers; you hold the future in your hands.  I do not want to overwhelm you, but the truth is, you ARE all of these things.  You are raising the next generation.  A great man or woman of God may be lying in your arms right now.  Tonight you sang lullabies to a mighty missionary.  You played Monopoly with a powerful CEO, and you wiped the tears of a future president.  Only God knows the plans that he has for our children.  But he chose YOU to raise them.  He chose YOU to love them, and one day your job will be done.  Along the way you will make mistakes, God knew that.  Along the way you will fail, God won’t.  Along the way you will stumble, God will lift you up.

     So for today slow down and notice that sweet face smiling up at you.  Take the time to snuggle.  Read and sing together.  Play and live life fully for all too soon your job will be done.  Before you will stand a man or woman who can change the world and you taught them how.


Let them climb trees and they will learn to take chances.

Let them build forts and they will learn independence.

Let them play war and they will develop courage.

Let them go camping and fill them with adventure.

Take them on picnics and teach them to rest.

Let them play in the rain and they will learn to be free.

Spend time with them and they will know they are loved.


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  1. Pam Wolf permalink
    June 22, 2011 8:11 am

    I have three of my four children married now. I remember too looking at the invitations and seeing their name and realizing, “this is it”. You are excited for them as this is what you have spent you life preparing them for. You pray that they are ready for this step in life. Inside you are a little sad that the days passed so quickly. A trip down memory lane leaves you remembering their birth, first steps, first day of school, and all the things that stand out in your mind of them growing up. Yes you’ll shed tears on that day of the wedding. They are tears of joy as you get to watch his dreams become a reality and that you get to be a part of this next step in life.

    • June 22, 2011 9:19 am

      Thanks for sharing Pam. This next step will be exciting. I’m sure grandbabies are involved somewhere down the road. Could be fun!

  2. Edie permalink
    June 22, 2011 9:03 am

    I need a “Love” button.

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