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Eat Your Heart Out Gene Kelly

June 21, 2011

     Gene Kelly would have been proud.  There they all were just playing and dancing in the rain. 

     We had a wonderful evening planned.  Picnic blankets dotted the yard and kids literally ran everywhere.  The center of the yard was reserved for the evening dance.  Once we had all consumed our various treats it was time to strike up the band.  Our happy duo of fiddle and guitar warmed up as everyone gathered in our dancing area.

     We started with the broom dance.  This is a crowd favorite.  It only consists of two lines of dancers, one male, and one female.  As the gentleman steps to the front, two ladies greet him and he gets to give the broom to the lady he does not choose to chassee’ down the row with.  Next it is the men’s turn to step forward with a chance of being chosen for that glorious romp down the center row.

     Our family loves 18th century dance, or should I say, I love it and the kids do it because I make them.  The truth really is, that my kids, even the teen boys, enjoy every do-si-do and promenade. 

     Last Christmas after a dream come true for me; a Fezziwig Christmas Ball, in period costume, in a historical mansion ballroom, I started a dance society.   We meet once a month and enjoy a time of fellowship and good old fashioned fun.   In the “olden” days, dances were an opportunity for the hard working pioneers to gather for the latest news, the latest gossip and some flirting and courting.  Today we can all benefit from some multigenerational fun and fellowship.

     So here we were, hands joined in a big circle, spinning and whooping when the rain drops started.  As the rain let loose, the adults grabbed the blankets and instruments and ran for cover.  The kids ran in the other direction.  There they were, kids from 5 to 17, waltzing in the rain.  They danced, then played volleyball then just ran everywhere, soaked like wet rats.

     By now, I am getting good at saying, “oh well.”  I settled in a comfy chair on the screen porch, visited, and enjoyed the music as friends broke out the fiddles.   At one point I did yell out the required warning, “Don’t sit on my furniture with wet clothes!” but then I returned to my pleasant position on the porch.  The rain may have ended our organized dance, but a wet memory was made that our kids will never forget.

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  1. June 21, 2011 1:15 am

    We had a GREAT time.~
    My children haven’t stopped talking about what a wonderful time they had.



    • June 21, 2011 9:46 am

      You are most welcome. Who knew, raindrops equals free entertainment. I hope that is not the last we see of Dancin Darrel.

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