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Rainy Days

June 16, 2011

     I awoke today to the sound of distant thunder and the plinking sound that rain makes on my chimney.  Disappointment rolled over me like a sigh.  I had plans today.  Today was mowing day, I have some new plants to get in the ground and there is that infernal leaf pile to deal with.

     Last fall was a dry one.  We daily raked our leaves into a gigantic burn pile but we were under a burn ban.  So here it is June and that pile still sits prominently in the middle of the yard.  But it is no longer a pile of leaves.  It is now a combination mess of ash, slime and compost.  The thing cannot be burned!  So yesterday was “threatening day.”  That’s when you get to the point of threatening your children to, “Get those leaves up or….”  We tried hauling them by wheel barrow full to the woods.  Not a good idea.  The boys gave it one last effort, and a little gasoline, to burn it, but it seriously cannot be burned.

     So today, we were going to haul it out by pick-up truck to the nearest reclaim center.  But  alas, not only will it have to wait until another day, it will also weigh double when we scoop it up.  My husband says that this leaf pile is character building for our sons.  But I think it is a Tom Sawyer versus fence situation, myself.  My boys actually got two friends to help them and I believe the friends did more work.

     So now my outdoor plans are on hold.  What do most normal Mamas do when their plans have been foiled?  They make new plans.  Every moment of the day there is a never ending “to do” list calling our names.  You cross off one item and add three more.

     The rain is a gift.  It is not the obstacle that has waylaid all your well laid plans.  The  thunking on the roof, the splattering on the porch and the tinkling on the glass are all softly speaking to you.  They are saying, “Rain rain is here today, time to slow down, time to play.”  So do not use this rainy day to accomplish more tasks, inside.  Do not frown out your window at your foiled plans.  You have put off many things for a rainy day and playing with your kids is one of them.

     So pull out the tea set and dress up clothes.  Dump out that box of Legos.  DO NOT turn on the TV or any electronic game, but instead, dust off the monopoly box.  Unfortunately the leaves will still be there tomorrow and so will the rest of the list.  So for today…

It’s raining, it’s pouring

It’s no time for snoring

Pull out the toys

And bring some joy

And you’ll like yourself in the morning.

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