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One Lump or Two?

June 15, 2011

    For generations little girls have been having tea parties with their dolls and stuffed bears.   This generation is the one where these precious parties are no longer the norm. 

     It is vital that we understand Newton’s 3rd law of motion.  This is the law that states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So how do tea parties and physics go together you may ask?   Well let me explain.  First of all I never took Physics, but I think all of us understand the principles behind this law.  If we have countless scheduled activities – no tea parties.  If we are always on the go – no tea parties.  If we cause our girls to grow up too fast – no tea parties.

     Dear Mama, when it comes to tea parties, we are all little girls.  You do not even need to like tea.  Tea parties are not about the tea but once again it is about the joy of the moment.  It is about the joy of the atmosphere and the joy of pretend.  Even us mothers need to wear a large brimmed hat, slip into a pair of pearl dotted white gloves and graciously say,” One lump or two?”  Let’s not kid ourselves; it is us mothers who are in great need of a tea party.

         What is it about tea parties that bring such joy?  The tea party is a calm, relaxed, gracious event.  No matter who you are, for that moment in time you are a “lady”.  Tea pots, tea cups and fine linens take us back to a gentle time of refinement.  These gentle times of refinement are extinct in our culture.  The pure joy of gentle, civilized and kind social banter for at least an hour, changes who we are.  And where else can you wear that outrageous hat and those lovely gloves.

     But Mama beware.  The suggestions and ideas that I share with you are to enrich the lives of your children and yourselves.  They are not strict rules set out to make you stop before you ever start.  Just as the picnic is not about the food, neither is the tea party about a proper tea.  A tea party is about grabbing what ever tea cups and dress up clothes that you have available and pretending.  As your life begins to slow down, you can put on a more fancy party, but for now, start small, BUT START!

     It’s time for another challenge.  In the next week, have at least one picnic or a tea party.  Please send me some comments and let me know how they went.  I look forward to hearing about your special times!

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