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Picnics Ahhhhh!

June 13, 2011

     Picnics, Ahhhhh!  The word picnic may conjure up thoughts of food, but what picnics really are about is; stopping.  I have already addressed the dinner problem that is prevalent in American homes.  The problem is that we don’t have dinner IN our American homes.  Mealtimes tend to be on the go, in a rush and not together.

     I’m going to remind you again, IT”S SUMMER!  It is time to slow down, time to take a break, time to rediscover the summers of OUR youth.  Soooo, just stop!  I mean completely.  Lie there, back on the ground, gazing up and stop.  Stop thinking of what you need to do next.  Stop rehearsing that unpleasant discussion in your head.  Stop making those mental lists of all that you need to do.  Right now all you need to do is gaze at that beautiful blue sky and watch the clouds drift by.  A picnic may involve food, but what it really is about, is stopping.

     What can be simpler than throwing some food in a basket, grabbing a blanket, a good story, (Did you notice by now that I love a good story?  So will you!)  and of course your kids and just head out to the yard.  Your main purpose should just be your back on the ground, the lingering taste of yummy cookies, a blue sky overhead and a kid in each arm.  If you have more than two, just lay in a heap, the logistics are not the issue.

     There is no need to head to the park.   The type of picnic I want to encourage you to have, is the backyard variety.  Too often we are defeated in our efforts to spend special time with our kids because our vision is too large for our busy lifestyles.  We become defeated because we have one idea of what a picnic can be.  It is time to start thinking outside the box.  Readjust your focus from perfect picnic to spontaneous togetherness.  Once you have become more comfortable with unscheduled, “out of the box” interruptions, you can set your sights on a fancier picnic.

     The best thing about a backyard picnic is that they are so easy to have.  Even if you have not prepared ahead of time, it is not difficult to grab a blanket and your lunch and head outside.  If you’ve already made lunch, why not just eat it on the ground in the yard, simple enough.

     For us mothers we tend to think in terms of the practical and what is easiest. “Let’s just sit at the table, why make such a fuss, let’s just eat lunch and get it over with!”  IT IS TIME TO REPROGRAM.  Life is not about the easiest, quickest or what fits in our busy schedule.  Life is about taking the mundane everyday activities and allowing them to become special times with those we love.  Did you notice I used the word “allowing?”  We need to give ourselves permission.  Dear Mama, right now give yourself permission to enjoy special moments.  Once you have done that, give yourself permission to be more than a chauffeur, schedule organizer and drill sergeant.  Begin with a moment and you will end up with a lifetime of true un-regrettable life.  It all starts with a picnic.

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  1. Nancy Lohr permalink
    June 13, 2011 8:08 am

    My oldest granddaughter doesn’t call these picnics yet; rather “eating on a blanket.” And it doesn’t matter where the blanket is – at the park, in the front yard, even in our basement. You are spot on, Debbie, and I’ll bet your readers will find that simplicity is a key ingredient. I think I’ll go practice my cup-of-water recipe so I’m ready for the next time we eat on our blanket.

    • June 13, 2011 11:57 am

      I think many Mamas would benefit from your “cup-of-water” recipe. For today’s busy Mamas, simplicity is exactly what we need. I am thrilled that you are reading. Please visit often.

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