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Let There Be Mess

June 4, 2011

     Don’t you just love the mess?  Tripping over toys as you make your way through a room, isn’t that a joy?  OK, I’ll admit a small path to the bathroom would be nice.

     As I walked into my lovely family room this morning, I had visions of sitting down and writing you an encouraging note in my finely decorated room.  What I met was Barbie land.  My coffee table is now a kitchen and the floor has been re-modeled into various doll sized rooms.  Oh the mess… or is it?

     Yes, Dear Mama, our children should learn to pick up after themselves.  We Mamas deserve a clean spot to sit and unwind and pursue OUR pleasures.  But there is another side to the mess.

     The childhood messes of today are the creativity and dreams for tomorrow.  My girls love to play doll house.  They will spend literally HOURS just dividing the items and setting up their rooms.  We have two doll houses but the interior of those houses have flowed over into the entire family room.  They create extravagant bedrooms and living rooms but also stores, schools and gardens.  They actually play doll “village”, not just doll house.  Quite often it takes them so long to set up their village, I do not have the heart to make them put it away.  Thus, I am Gulliver in the land of Lilliput for days at a time.  (Dear Mama, this may even help your creativity, Jonathan Swift may very well have been inspired by this very thing.)

     One of my teenage sons loves to play War Hammer, or should I say he loves to make all the men and terrain FOR War Hammer, he rarely plays.  Our back “Man Cave” is the biggest mess you ever saw.  The room that was created for my husband to relax in looks as if a bomb went off.  He is so immensly creative.  He makes water treatment plants from old bird feeders.  He makes blown out buildings, rocket gutted overpasses, and an incredibly life like volcano,  all from trash and found items.  And so he collects and stores all this trash in the “Man Cave.” 

     One of my daughters dreams of designing real rooms, and she is only 10.  My son’s painting and crafting skill has become amazing.  I feel that the skills and creativity that is growing inside our children when we allow them to play with actual toys is uncalculative.

     Today our children live in a texting, face booking, and virtual gaming world.  It is time for some mess.  It is time for some good old fashioned, sitting on the floor and playing.  Let your family room evolve into the Battle of the Bulge, (and I don’t mean your own weight issues.)  Bring out those army men.  Legos, Lincoln logs, plastic animals, art projects, coloring books and crayons and so much more.  Sit and play awhile.  When was the last time YOU made a Star Wars space cruiser?  Today it is time to play, it is summer after all.  If it’s a nice day, take it outside.  A zoo in your garden, complete with plastic animals and landscaping sure beats the computer variety.

     When we meet again, I hope you trip over some toys getting to the computer

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  1. Chantal permalink
    June 4, 2011 4:34 pm

    I agree, everyone with children should let them be creative. I used to love playing with my barbies and take them to ridiculous places like Paris, but of course to places I’ve never really been. My little brothers bedroom floor is a battlefield. Its dangerous to enter for fear of stepping on a soldier, but its amazing to see his imagination at work.

    • June 5, 2011 10:23 am

      I’m not surprised that Paris was your dream destination. I wouldn’t mind a day of Barbies in France myself, since that is probably as close as I will get. Thanks for reading. I may not take you to Paris but I plan on visiting “The Good Ole Days.”

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