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Be a Dinner Time Warrior

June 3, 2011

     I did it! I followed my own advice. Our family dined together last night. What a lovely time it was. Everyone did their part and pitched in. The table was set with matching plates and each place actually had a knife, fork AND spoon. Most dinners are lucky if they get one fork thrown by the plate, but not last night. I think we’re movin up in the world. Seriously, it was a wonderful time of reconnecting. There were not any great philosophical discussions or hair raising revelations, just enjoyable chit chat. Everyone did agree that the meal was superb. It was only meat loaf, potatoes, green beans and salad, but it had been so long since we ate a homemade dinner on plates together that it tasted like a holiday meal. Interesting how just creating a different environment changed everything.                                                                                                                                  

How did your dinner go? If nothing else, I hope it just gave you the desire to try it again and again. We can all get so caught up in the busyness of each day that by the time dinner rolls around, we are shot. It is interesting to use the term “shot”. If we are “shot”, that means a weapon of some form has released a bullet (or arrow) into our body. At that point we either become wounded or dead. I know sometimes it actually feels that we are wounded or dead. Dear Mama, we need to recognize that we have been shot. We have been shot with a flaming arrow of the evil one. He does not want you to make dinner, because then that would mean you might sit down with your family and guide and direct them. You may just train their souls in the direction of Godliness. So of course you feel “shot”, the enemy has shot you.                                                                                            

Dear Mama, today you must not only be “chief cook and bottle washer”, but it is time to don some armor because you are a warrior. Today, dinner is your battlefield. You are in a battle for your family and your children. You may not see the direct correlation between eating dinner and survival, but just ponder on it a while. The enemy wants to defeat the Moms. In a battle, if you take out the General, the troops will scatter. Mama, you are that General. Busyness, tiredness and dissatisfaction are the arrows he shoots at us. I am sorry to point this out, but he is not aiming to wound, he seeks to destroy. So pick up that armor, fight past the tiredness. Grab your children and let them help you set the table and cook dinner. Sit down together as a family, and THIS battle is won!

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