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Dinner verses Dining

June 1, 2011

     Today we will take a look at dinner.  What is dinner in your home?  For many of us, it is a run through the drive through and throwing burgers over our shoulders as we speed off toward our next destination.  I don’t think this falls into the category of fine dining.  Actually I’m not quite sure you can even consider it dining at all.

     I will admit drive throughs and I are well acquainted and a sturdy paper plate is one of my closest and dearest friends. The dinner time of my youth is a fond but distant memory.  The truth of the matter is that a delicious meal, pleasant conversation and jovial banter are just not the same when it occurs in the car or at home, in shifts on Styrofoam.

     We should value the rituals of daily life and I do not mean the ritual of rushing out the door to the next activity.  Dear Mama, I send no condemnation your way for I too strive to fill my children’s lives with opportunity.  What do we cut from our schedules, the sport that gives them such great exercise and skill?  How about the dance lessons that teach our precious ones such poise, should that go?  We can’t eliminate the music lessons, these are vital and I always wanted to play the piano.

     Alas it is up to you.  You are the one who must weigh each activity.  You must weigh each activity against the cost to your family, the cost to your time and the cost to what you really value.  I hope that today is the day that you open up a dialogue with yourself.  Maybe you could even try the old “pros and cons” list.  It is ultimately up to you.  You are the “Keeper of the Schedule.”  You really are the captain of your ship the master of your destiny even though you feel like you are merely a spectator in your own life.

     Today, my challenge for you is this; Tonight for dinner, don’t choose the quickest and easiest way out.  Have dinner all together, at the actual dinner table and on real plates.  You could even try dining outside at the picnic table.  Your goal is not a fancy meal.  We will start small.  Your goal is merely dinner together, sitting at a table with actual plates.  I know you can do it.  So until tomorrow, happy dining!!

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