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Don’t be like Old Mother Hubbard

May 31, 2011

     For children today there are endless opportunities to learn and develop skills in countless areas.  Musical, artistic and sports opportunities abound.  As the dutiful mothers that we are, we drive our children from one activity to the next.  Night after night, and weekend after weekend, we rush here and we rush there.  Dear Mama you were doing so much for your children you did not realize you are not doing anything with your children.

     The items we need in our cupboards and the lives of our children and families are memories that will never fade, recollections of a childhood filled with the joys of family, an unhurried life where one is never too busy to love or care, and a life where necessity and pleasure overlap.

     When you open the doors of your cupboard what do you find?  Is your cupboard bare just like Old Mother Hubbard, who “went to her cupboard to find her poor dog a bone.  But when she got there, her cupboard was bare, and so her poor dog had none.”  Were you so busy, that you forgot to stock your cupboard?  You can fill it now with time and attention, relaxation and peace, leisure and rest, creativity and fun and nostalgia and memories.

     Dear Mama, I am going to offer you ideas to add to your cupboard.  “Oh joy, more activities!!!”  Don’t fret.  I want to help you make your life better, not busier.  The ideas I offer should be attainable, even for the busiest of households, I know because I have been the reigning “Queen of Busy.”  But I willingly lie down and relinquish my crown if it means having those incredibly peaceful moments lying on a quilt under a blue sky with my children.  I surrender if it means enjoying the conversation and laughter of my family around a candlelit table.   I submit if it means sipping tea with hat and glove clad little ladies nibbling and giggling.  You too can choose to abdicate your throne.

     I will be gentle with you dear Mama.  You have given your all.  You already go above and beyond the call of duty.  So we will start small.  You will discover how simple time together can be.  I am not here to eliminate all of your great pursuits.  Instead, I am here to gently show you how to incorporate excellent pursuits.  The treasures that you can store in your cupboard are priceless and beyond value.  Do not be like Old Mother Hubbard; make sure your cupboard is full. 


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