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Mama, what’s in your cupboard?

May 30, 2011

      We all know that we are busy.  This is not a revelation to you.  The revelation I hope to bring to you is that there is another way.  How did our lives get to this point?  Quite often we just kept adding activities.  Each one that came along had such value it was hard to say no.  So we say yes to one more activity and what we say no to is an unhurried life, a quiet more simple life and special time with our children and families.  The special times I am referring to are the ones that create true memories.  They are the times that draw you closer without effort.  They are defining moments that happen without orchestration.

     Is your idea of a tea party drinking a supersize ice tea while the kids play in the ball pit at your favorite fast food establishment?  Was your last picnic with the kids eaten at 55 mph?  And was your last family dinner eaten in shifts on “Styrofoam” china?  Well I am quite sure you are not alone.  We are all caught in the commonness of life.  We are all only doing what everyone else is doing.  We are caught in a giant tide of busyness and we can’t seem to go against the flow.

     Do you recognize any of the following statements?  Do they sound familiar because they come out of your own mouth?  “Hurry and get in the car!”  “Hurry!  Do you have all your stuff?”  “Go tell your sister (or brother) to hurry; we need to leave NOW!”  Do you recognize a pattern here?  If the word “hurry” comes out of your mouth more than three times in a day, there may be a problem.  But there is a statement even more dangerous than the hurry variety and it is, “Don’t bug me right now, I’m busy!”  We are busy, dangerously so.

     Well, it is time for some cupboard cleaning, hence, Mama’s Cupboard.  Our cupboards are filled with junk and it is time to re-evaluate what we want in our cupboards.  I have ideas to offer you, ideas that will not be difficult to implement.  I know we cannot always just slam on the brakes and change directions, that it may take just turning the wheel little by little.  But we MUST turn it.  The lives we are living are not life.  Our precious children may know how to kick a soccer ball, play three instruments, act in Shakespeare, and paint like Monet, but do they know calm and uninterrupted time lying on a picnic blanket with you?  Do they know the joy of good food well served along with good conversation?  Do they have time to giggle and squeal in a blanket made tent?

     Quite unknowingly we have fallen into the trap of doing things for our children instead of doing things with our children.  We did not even realize there was a difference.  Dear Mama, there is a difference, so until tomorrow, think on these things.



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